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Conversations with Blake: Happy, ok?

April 21, 2014

When the Kids Talk

Just a little background before the conversation…

So the husband headed for work overseas last night, and I’ve been terribly upset since. And the boy, who has been tasked with the job of making mommy happy has taken his job seriously, after dinner and watching the movie ‘Planes’ together. Before that, he was constantly screaming in my ears saying, “Cannot, ok? CANNOT!” when I told him big daddy (that’s what Blake calls Sean. Haha!) has gone to work and will only be home on Saturday.

Later that night, while I was tucking the children into bed, Blake suddenly went all quiet on me.

Me: Blake, are you ok? What’s wrong?


Me: Blake, are you sad?

Blake: Yes, Blake is sad. Big daddy go to work.

-I started tearing up-

Blake: No, mommy. Happy! Happy, ok?

-Grins as wide as he can-

Moments later, I caught Blake crying.

Me: Blake, are you crying?

-He wipes a tear off his face-

Blake: No, mommy. Not crying. Happy, ok?

-I teared up again and Blake cups my face-

Blake: Mommy eyes pain pain? No pain pain. Happy, ok? Happy!

-Flashes a mega wide grin and gives me a kiss-

How to not love this little man of the house even more while daddy’s away for work?

Oh, and in case any of you is wondering how Nakayla is doing… She couldn’t be happier that I am bunking in with them at night. And with daddy, her main disciplinarian, out of the picture, she’s really tearing the whole house upside down without a care in the world! She stayed up way past her sleeping time, and kept bugging me to play with her. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the two different behaviors I’m facing with both children, while the husband’s away!

Also, Sean has reported that he has landed and settled in, and missing the family a lot. Only five more sleeps to go before our family reunite! Yay! 😀

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