A First with Canon

April 16, 2014

Media Invite

I lost my scrapart virginity to Canon, when they held a ‘Connecting with Canon’ event at EatPlayLove Cafe specially for the mommies and their children (I went alone though :P). And it was awesome!

As usual, I was the ‘class clown’, with more than one funny incident to ice break. Haha!

The very first incident happened when I just arrived.

There was one available parking and it was a parallel lot. I’m okay with parking parallel, if the lot is on the left. But this was on the right! I totally blanked out! I have never parked parallel on the right ever since I got my driver’s license cos the parallel lots at my mom’s place are all on the left. Thankfully, Cherie came to my rescue! Crisis averted! Phew! Time for me to go practice somewhere!

By the time I entered the cafe, everyone knew I had problems parallel parking, and some even came forward to tell me it’s ok, cos they aren’t very fantastic either. Hehe. It was a good ice breaker for sure!

Made it in time for Sin Yee’s introduction of the new products by Canon Singapore

After which, the mommies took turns to have a go with the Canon Selphy CP910, while I ate, and ate, and ate. Hehe. When the coast was close to clear, I went to get my photos printed!

The ease of using the printer was so awesome! And I could connect via WiFi and print from my mobile! I didn’t fully explore the printer that evening because it wasn’t long before another funny incident happened.

You see, while I was printing, everyone was putting together their own scrapart of awesomeness on canvas. I was still printing when someone announced that we were only left with 30 minutes till we have to wrap up! I panicked! Everyone looked at me cos I was still standing at the printer, waiting for my photos to be done. And I was the only one who have yet to start!

I then asked specifically for a square canvas, cos I’ve only ever done up photo collages on my mobile for Instagram posting. And with less space to fill, it should be done faster, right? Haha! That got quite a number of them laughing cos I actually said all that out loud. Haha!

So when my photos were done, I quickly made my way to the art and crafts table, and everyone very graciously made space for me, handing me everything I might need to do up my canvas. Susan, one of the experts in scrapart, helped me by sorting out the photos to use, saying it’s easier when there’s a theme (either occasion or colour). Thank you, everyone!

With all the help rendered and my policy of “anyhow paste will still look nice, cos it’s scrapbooking, right?” at that time, I managed to complete my art work before they started clearing! Yay!

Posing with my canvas proudly 😀

Together with Irene, Cherie, and Estella 😀

The only thing I was left to do was glaze the canvas with glue. I didn’t have the time to do it on the spot cos it won’t dry in time. And the very kind people at EatPlayLove Cafe packed a little tub of art glue and gave me one of the brushes for it! Thank you, thank you! I really appreciate it!

I came home and showed it to the husband. He said it was beautiful and that it should be displayed! Hehe. He also suggested protecting it further by wrapping it with clear plastic wrap. And my very first piece of scrapart on canvas has been standing proudly in the living room for all to see ever since! 😀

Disclaimer: I was invited by Canon Singapore to test out their latest photo printer (and to do scrapart on canvas!) and some of the newly launched cameras, but I only got to use the printer cos, well, read above. Haha! Other than having all scrapart materials provided, I receive no other compensation and opinions are 100% my own.

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