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Bollywood Veggies

May 5, 2014

School Excursion to Bollywood Veggies

It’s another school excursion! And this time round, we went to Bollywood Veggies!

Sean had been to Bollywood Veggies before, and he told me of the things he saw and did while he was there. And thanks to that, I had a certain level of expectation. Sean knows me well enough to downplay anywhere I’m going so that I wouldn’t expect too much and feel disappointed later.

Yes, this mommy has gone and self-invited herself on another school excursion. What can I say? I simply love excursions! Hehe.

Guided tour around the farm

Blake followed the guide very closely and was always just right behind her!

Then I lost him in the jungle maze…

I spy with my little eye… !

The children were enthralled by all the military planes that flew overhead

After we finished the short tour around the front part of the farm, we took a little water break and then came a surprise! We were going to pot our own plants!

Blake got really cranky at this point cos he had bit himself on the lip, on an ulcer that has yet to heal fully. Ouch! But towards the end of potting our plant, he felt a little better 😀 Then got cranky again when it was lunch time. Sigh.

This is the children’s portion, the adults got a bigger plate. And it’s very yummy!

Since he wasn’t really in the mood to eat…

With my crazy happy babies! 😀

The trip to Bollywood Veggies was rather short. I reckon the time spent travelling there was a whole lot longer than the time we spent around the farm. It helped that Sean told me not to expect much too, it is after all a vegetable farm, so I had fun! Except the part when Blake got all cranky.

And silly me didn’t bring mosquito repellent. It slipped my mind completely! Need to make a mental note to always bring along a bottle of mosquito repellent, regardless of where we’re headed!

In case you’re wondering what happened to the little pot of plant we put together that day, I gave it to my dad to add to his ever growing garden collection. Hehe 😛

* * *

Bollywood Veggies
100 Neo Tiew Road,
Singapore 719026 (Kranji)

Opening Hours:
Wed to Fri – 9am to 6.30pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays – 8am to 6.30pm

+65 6898 5001 (Opening hours only)

For more information, visit their website here.

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