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Another Dog for You?

February 26, 2015

Before the year 2014 ended, we bid farewell to our pet dog, Paris.

And ever since then, I’ve had family and friends asking if I would get another pet dog.

In the years Sean and I have been together, we’ve been fortunate to have Paris and our six rabbits fill our lives with so much love before the children came along.

Dusty, Local Dwarf

Honey, Local Mix

Rocky and Pebbles, Netherland Dwarfs

Nuggets, Netherland Dwarf

Tuffee, Netherland Dwarf

We never had all the pets at once, just in case you’re wondering. The most we ever had was four rabbits (Rocky, Pebbles, Nuggets and Tuffee) and Paris. That period was awesome. Minimal time was spent on the computer (and studying) as I would be so caught up playing and taking photos of them or with them. Haha!

Besides showing us how to love and care unconditionally, our furbabies also showed our children how to do the same.

#blakemaximus insisted on cleaning the rabbit cages himself. I am waiting to clear up the mess later.

A photo posted by Sean Wong (@wwk_sean) on

Nakayla helps now too! But I haven’t been taking much photos of anything recently 😛

Now, of all our seven furbabies, we’re left with only Nuggets and Tuffee. Both of them have gone beyond their average lifespan and we’re ever so thankful for that.

Right now, we’re comfortable. We have our children, we have our rabbits, and we have each other.

So, will we be getting another dog in the near future?

No. And I don’t think we ever will.

Unless, of cos, the children are much older, moved out, and we’re suffering from some form of empty-nest syndrome. Then maybe. Just maybe.

P.S. I used to run a blog called Playhouse Bunny, but I have stopped updating it.

  1. I am waiting for the time when I can have my guinea pigs haven again. Not sure will I ever have that chance again but if I can I will, maybe not 11 but a pair or two will be great.

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