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Baking Mode Now On!

March 2, 2015

For about a year, I’ve been staying away from the kitchen as much as I possibly can. I almost stopped cooking and baking altogether – other than popping frozen food into the toaster to heat up.

Oh, and that one time Blake wanted his own homemade cookies.

Hand eczema crippled the baking-loving side of me.

My last round of outbreak lasted almost a year. It was painful emotionally and physically. Every time I have to wash my hands, it hurts. Every time it gets too dry, it hurts. I couldn’t hold my children’s hands for long. I didn’t dare to touch them, in fact! I was also embarrassed at having to reject shaking hands at introductions because there were ‘juice’ flowing out of the open wounds. It was a very horrible period!

I would insert pictures to show you just how disgusting it looks here,
but it’s really too gross for me!

During that period of eczema madness and after, Sean did all the washing – kids, bathroom, dishes etc. While others see it as a blessing in disguise to have the husband wash everything for them, I felt nothing but guilt, especially if I’m the one who made the mess. It’s not exactly a pleasant sight, seeing a sink full of dishes waiting for you to wash the moment you step into the house, right? I felt bad whenever I make something delicious but can’t wash up after as I fear my hands will crack at the touch of the dish soap. So I just stopped.

My sister suggested I try a particular brand of dish soap, which her friend with similar condition uses without any problems. It took me a while to muster up the courage to first purchase it and then to use it, which I eventually did. And I couldn’t be happier!

Image source

I have been using it for a while now (half the bottle is gone!) and so far, my hands are doing great!

There had been a couple of close calls of another outbreak (I had no choice but to use the hand soap in public toilets which tends to kill my hands), but all’s well when I lay off the other soaps and stuck to my usual cleanser for a few days.

I can’t believe I’m free to bake whatever I wish to again! 😀

* * *

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And I repeat, this is not a sponsored post!

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