SG50 August Giveaway: Munch Munch

August 3, 2015


Kicking off this month’s exciting SG50 August Giveaway is Munch Munch!

Munch Munch is the brainchild of Ken, who loves all things old school. He is passionate about preserving traditional snacks, toys and games for future generations – from the ‘Piah’ (biscuits) to the ‘Kacang and Keropok’ (nuts and crackers), the ‘Pok Zui’ (soft drinks) to ‘Masak Masak’ and many more… He pretty much covered everything one can find at any ‘Mama Shop’ during my years of growing up and that is mad love for me!

And for SG50, Ken specially put together the Munch Munch Travel Survival Kit for us!

Munch Munch Travel Survival Kit

Consisting of delicious old school snacks and candies like my personal favourites Ice Gems, Ovalteenies and Ring Pop (!!!) as well as toys and games from my yesteryears such as Country Erasers (who want to challenge?) and Pick-Up Sticks (seriously, who want to challenge?), this is pretty much my entire childhood in a box!

Here’s a fun fact. Most girls grow up dreaming about having a spouse, being proposed to, then getting married, right? Well, I used to dream of being proposed with a Ring Pop. So romantic, right? Haha!

And when I’m not daydreaming about my fairy tale happy ending, I’m saving the world as a Planeteer!

~Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart! By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!~

Haha! Such fond memories the Munch Munch Travel Survival Kit holds for me!

Besides the survival kit, Munch Munch has also prepared a mysterious pack of goodies – the Tikam Tikam Surprise!

What’s in this bag? Nobody knows! That’s the beauty of the Tikam Tikam Surprise!

Just in case you’re not familiar with the term ‘Tikam Tikam’, it’s a game people from yesteryears used to play. To participate, you purchase a lucky draw ticket at 5¢ and you stand a chance to win a mystery prize! The Tikam Tikam Surprise may not be an exact replica of the game, but the excitement of what this mysterious bag holds is equally exhilarating!

And this is probably the part you’re all waiting for… *drum roll*


Thanks to awesome people at Munch Munch, I have FIVE SETS of Munch Munch Travel Survival Kit + Tikam Tikam Surprise to giveaway!

To win yourself a set of these old school delights, all you’ll have to do is simply follow the instructions in the widget below. Good luck!

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Munch Munch Giveaway Terms and Conditions:
– Giveaway ends 5 August 2015, Wednesday 2359 hours (Singapore time)
– Limited to one winner per household
– Winners must be in Singapore
– Winners must be able to self-collect the prizes (There’ll be a mass meet-up on a weekend somewhere in town. Details will be provided to the winners.)
– Winners will be selected by 10 August 2015, Monday
– Incomplete or invalid entries will be automatically disqualified without notice
– This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook
– Winners will be contacted by me directly (So please make sure you fill up the correct details in the contest!)
– All personal details provided in this contest will be kept confidential.
– We may or may not announce the winner(s) on our social media platforms. Permission will be seek from the winner(s) first.
– We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice

* * *

Winners have been selected and emails have been sent!

Thanks to everyone who participated 😀

* * *

Munch Munch

No 1. Fusionopolis Way,
Connexis #B1-23
Singapore 138633

Operation Hour:
Monday to Saturday
11:00am – 8pm

The New Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road
The New Chinatown Point #B2-03
Singapore 059413

Operation Hour:
Monday to Sunday
10:30am – 9:30pm

Do visit their website for more information.

Disclaimer: We received the above items for the purpose of this review and giveaway.

  1. Mama shop is a must go place after school. The ding dang snack is what we used to eat! And yes, we tried the ring pop too and was crazy over it. Haha.

  2. I loved to play Pick-Up Sticks with my sisters after school everyday.It was our common games during old time when we were still in primary school.

  3. Collecting Country Erasers was my hobby and I like to exchange with my classmates like exchanging stamps during our old days!

  4. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart! By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!~ Captain Planet was one of my fave cartoons growing up!! I wish they still showed it on TV so that Lil Pumpkin can watch it too.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. This is one oh so awesome Travel Survivor Kit that I MUST HAVE !!!!! The Ice Gems , Ovaltine , Ding Dang tibits are tibits that are full of childhood memories , especially Ovaltine . It’s a tibit which reminds me of my late grandmother . Every Saturday , without failed , she’ll bring us ( my cousins & me ) to the downstairs MaMa shop & buy it to us .

    Just by reading your blogpost makes me feels very excited to know what’s in the Tikam Tikam Surprise Bag . If I won this , I’ll let my 5 years old girl to open it ! I’m very sure she’ll be excited too !

    Awwwww ~ ~ ~ Hope to be one of your lucky winner !!!!!!!! 😉

    1. Haha! Seems like all grandparents do love pampering their grandchildren with candies, regardless of the generation! Our mass family meet-ups used to be on every Saturday too!

  6. Ring pop, satay sticks and ice pop are a must for me after school! I was always heading to the mama shop after school with much delight.

  7. Our childhood tidbits! My fav were the gem biscuits where I’d lick off the sweet icing tops and leave the biscuits for someone else to ‘discover’!

  8. There was this flat on the ground floor of the block opposite my primary school. Lots of my schoolmates would make a beeline for the flat to buy sng bao (ice lollies) from the auntie living in the flat, who would lay her ‘sweet wares’ in a big icebox for our picking. Similar beeline dash could be seen heading towards the old man going ‘tok ding tok ding’ selling the hard sweet candy right outside our school gate. My primary school memories were made of these moments, sights and sounds.

    1. Ooh! The sng bao I had growing up were those already in those harder plastic that the ice cream man sells. Haha! And yes! The ding ding candy! A few years back I saw an old uncle selling somewhere near my neighborhood, but I haven’t seen him since…

  9. There are too many of the required answers to your question…I wish I could name them all here. Haha…
    Games like old maid, zero point, five stones, UNO cards, throw marbles, catch grasshoppers and tadpoles are some of the ones I played during school days.
    For titbits I had ABC Rooster crackers, mamee noodles, doremon chocs, bubblegum, rainbow swirl pop ice cream, satay sticks, wheel and gem biscuits and many more.

    1. Haha! I remember zero point, five stones (we played with both left and right hands, just to make the game last longer!), uno cards… I miss playing all these games!

  10. Used to love the little biscuits with the bits of icing on top – my kindergarten used to dish it out during break time so looked forward to those very much!

  11. I love to buy snacks like bee bee crackers and magic dust sweet and super lemon! So nice and fun to eat

  12. My fondest memories are the days spent at my grandparents place at desker road. We cuzzies would often play at the streets of the shophouses and running around. My fave game was zero point!

    One day we even bbq the colorful round crackers…i love sweet stuff so the ring was my fave esp strawberry flavor. I also liked the ice gem where icing are always munched off first!!!

    1. Ahh, the days spent with the cousins. I absolutely know what you mean! I miss those ol’ days when everyone was just super free every weekend!

      Can you BBQ those round crackers? I have never tried to BBQ it!

  13. Awww, such wonderful memories from the past! I remember I used to buy a packet of the ‘cow milk candy’ everyday after school at the mama shop under my block. Some lovely shapes they come in.

    1. Truth be told, I’ve never tried the cow milk candy! Haha! I don’t know why, but I’m just somehow scared of it! My children loves it though!

  14. My fondest yesteryears memories is getting $1 or $2 note inside the Tikam Tikam Surprise! That feeling is like winning 4D/Toto!

    1. Wow! $1 and $2 back then was quite the big deal! What amazing luck you have! And yes, I reckon the feeling to be like winning 4D/Toto! Hehe.

  15. Wah…. I can see all my favourite childhood snacks and games which I love to eat and play when I was a little girl. I cant wait for the school bell to ring so that I can go opposite the Mama shop to buy them. I love to eat BeBe snack, KAKA chicken Snack, Ding Dang snack , Ice Gem biscuits etc…..My favourite games are the Kuti Kuti, zero point, country erasers, five stones that I love playing with my friends during recess time !! I missed those day . We had so much fun , joy and laughter !!

    1. Is the KAKA Chicken Snack like the Popcorn Chicken Snack? The latter was my favourite and I ALWAYS have to have it during recess! Haha!

      I sure miss those carefree days, where buses had no aircon and I didn’t have to worry about anything except the next test. Haha!

  16. I miss all my childhood memories, hope to win this goodies to share my past with my 3 children <3 Thank you for the wonderful gifts 🙂

  17. My favorite is the belly button biscuits. The ones with the colorful sweet icing ontop the round biscuits.

  18. My fondest memories are playing childhood games like five stones, zero points, Pepsi cola 123, hopscotch, pick up sticks and block catching with my neighbourhood friends after school. Friends from different classes and schools gathered together to enjoy a nice afternoon together. We get to indulge in different tidbits from the nearby mama shop. Children these days don’t get to enjoy these games because they are too engrossed in computer games and iPad.

    1. I’ve never played block catching before, but I’ve seen other play it and it sure looks like fun!

      I guess when it comes to enjoying old school games, it’s mostly a matter of how much exposure the parents are willing to give them. My children play with the easier toys from the past like the spiderman (throw to the wall and watch it come down), building of the foam planes and spinning tops. They know how to play hopscotch too! Now I’m just waiting for their coordination to be better before we proceed to five stones, pick up sticks, zero point and pepsi cola 123!

  19. I use to play the eraser game with my friends. I always win those game hahaha don’t know if I pro or just luck!

  20. I love the cute round biscuits with colourful sugar on top. My sister and I used to just eat the sugar top and leave the biscuits. Then our mummy will scold us for wasting food. Hah. I also remember pleading my mum to buy me a box of country flag erasers so that I can challenge my friends in school! Think I played five stones the best among the games. Well…practice makes perfect mah… Aww~ all those memories, so carefree as a child. Thank you for the giveaway!

    1. Those biscuits are commonly known as ice gems! And we used to do the same thing – eat the sugar top and leave the biscuit behind. Haha!

  21. During childhood, I always like to play 5 stones, pickup sticks, zero point and my most favorite is the Eagle Catches the Chickens 老鹰抓小鸡

  22. Ovalteenies and Ring Pop are all my favourite snacks!! I always have them when I am having exam!!

    1. Are they your comfort food? Hehe. I used to put Ovalteenies in my school bag and try to eat it in class. Hahaha! Without them, I think I’ll be sleeping a lot more in class!

  23. I remembered the Malay old couple selling sng bao at their HDB home. Almost everyday after school I will buy one from them. I will knock on the slightly opened window with a 10 cents and then a while later a iced cold sng bao will popped out from the window. Sng bao is my most loved in the hot weather school days.

  24. I love to play Zero point during primary school time, and will go to small MaMa shop to buy tikam tikam box and snack . all the goodies was yummy snack and always wanted to grab all but porket $$ is not enough haha . really miss those days.

    Hope to win this goodies and surprise my kids and also share with them how last time mummy used to play all this game and snack


    1. I remember having not enough pocket money to buy everything at the Mama shop all the time! Haha! Always a huge headache on what I should buy!

  25. The icing biscuits and paper ball were my favourite! I’d always eat the biscuits first, saving the best (sugar icing) for the last. As for the paper ball, I’d blow it up then my brother and I would play with it like we would a beach ball. Love those moments!

    1. You’re the only one so far who eats the biscuit and the icing! Hehe. I normally take the icing and toss the biscuit out – so wasteful, I know. Hehe. Such sweet memories with your brother! 😀

  26. The biscuits definitely bring back the most memories. When we were young and our parents buy back the biscuits, how we will eat it is to pluck the colourful sweet portion away from the biscuit. Then eat the biscuit first then slowly suck on the sweet portion. Amazing thing is now we have our own kids and when we bring back the biscuits for the kids, somehow….I don’t know how….the kids eat it the same way….really happy memories which still brings a smile back to my face everytime

    1. Haha! Like parent, like child! How awesome is that? My children and I eat the ice gem biscuits differently. I used to just eat the icing portion and throw the biscuits away, while my children just eat it whole – they pop the whole thing in their tiny mouths!

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