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The Almost-New Chapter

January 13, 2016

This post is a little bit of a bragging post, so please bear with me a little.

I hardly write about the children’s milestones and achievements because it usually comes and goes a little too quickly for me. While I still have them in my memories (and photos/videos!), I haven’t felt compelled enough to put them down in words.

Until now.

Perhaps it’s because this particular milestone will determine how things will be from next year onwards, when Blake is off to primary school.

Sean and I have been discussing about whether we should send Blake to after-school care or for me to stop working completely.

To have him in after-school care would mean that everything will go on as per normal.

To have me stop working completely would mean that I’ll be spending more time with Blake after school, mainly coaching him in his school work, before picking Nakayla up from childcare.

I am not one who works well with routines, nor am I very disciplined in getting into a routine – I get things done, just not in a structured manner – so I’m quite worried that my absolute random self will mess up our son’s education.

However, since the discovery of the English and Chinese spelling list in Blake’s bag on Sunday, the past two days gave me a slight insight of things to come, should we stick to our current final decision of me stopping work completely.

Blake and I sat down for about 30 minutes after returning home from school immediately, to go through his English and Chinese spelling (he actually learned the latter much faster!).

When he got it all correct for the first time yesterday, I was jumping up and down and we kept giving each other Hi-5s/Hi-10s. He was smiling so happily, probably amused by how I looked as well.

Throughout the night after that, I’d randomly shout out, “SPELL insert word!” to which, he’ll stop what he’s doing and spell it out for me. Each time he gets the word right, we’ll be doing the happy dance and Hi-5ing each other. Haha!

It might be really early to say this, but… If this is how teaching my son is going to be like, I’ll gladly give up working for good when he enters primary school next year!

P.S. While I’ll be giving up my weekday part-time job, and all my extra pocket money *sob*, I won’t be giving up blogging and weekend bazaars! 😀

  1. My eldest is the same age as yours, so P1 looms ahead of us.

    Just last night i was teaching him prepositions, and the feeling of joy and satisfaction is immerse when he got it after 2 tries. 🙂

    1. I’m kinda dreading primary 1… We have gotten into a nice routine not too long ago, but we’re only left with a year to enjoy it 🙁

      It’s not easy to teach the concept of prepositions! Personally, because they are high frequency words, I tend to let Blake and Nakayla make mistakes and correct them along the way. Thankfully, they have gradually made improvements. I definitely won’t be able to get either of my children to understand it all after two tries. Kudos to you and your child!

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