My Little Pony Friendship Race: Highlights

April 4, 2016
Media Invite

Back in February, we participated in the inaugural My Little Pony Friendship Run.

I know, I know. It’s been such a long time, why only write about it now? Well, I was hoping that the event organizers will be able to send me some photos that they took of us that day, but very unfortunately, not one single shot was found. I’m still puzzled by the whole thing as we were asked by their photographer and videographer to pose for a few photos with our medals… Sigh.

Feeling pretty bummed out by the missing photos, I only sat down a month later to write about it. While it was disappointing (photos are my life!), I cannot deny the fact that we had fun that day. Hence, this post. Like finally.

While I can’t quite remember the details of the day’s happenings (it was a month ago!), I sure do remember the top 5 highlights from that day!

#5 Spotting my aunt and cousin in the crowd!

#4 My uncle, the paparazzi, was waiting on the sides for my aunt and cousin!

A photo posted by mabel (@msmabes) on

#3 Meeting Jaime Yeo and her daughter!

#2 Giving Nakayla the ultimate pony experience
by carrying her on my shoulders throughout the race!

#1 Completed our first family race of 2016!

The atmosphere at the My Little Pony Friendship Race was filled with fun and love. Everyone was smiling and having the time of their lives and we had great weather that day too! What a perfect way to kickstart the first of many races for the family this year!

Disclaimer: While we were invited to participate in the My Little Pony Friendship Race for the purposes of this review, this review was written on a voluntary basis, no compensation was received.

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