Reasons to Love Monopoly Empire 2016

April 14, 2016
Product Review

The 2016 edition of Monopoly Empire have reached our shores!

Ever since our first contact with the original Monopoly two decades ago, we have been fond of Monopoly. My elder sister has even made it a point to collect the different versions of Monopoly so that we have a variety to play with.

Besides the original Monopoly, we have played with Monopoly Disney Edition, Monopoly Live!, Monopoly Electronic Banking and…

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Okay, technically, it’s Monopoly Despicable Me 2 edition. But look at the currency used!

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There’s also my still-sealed 80th Anniversary edition – I really cannot bear to open it up!

And now, we have another to add to the collection. Yay!

The latest Monopoly Empire is one that we have yet to experience, so when one was sent our way, we set up a siblings games night immediately!

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In the first round, we were pretty much trying to understand the rules as we play. My brother had been reading the rules out loud to us but none of us retained the information. Haha! The second round was all about working out the kinks, and by the third round, we were sold!

And here are the reasons why I love Monopoly Empire so much!

#1: The Tokens

Autobots, let’s roll out!

It’s not everyday you can use the head of Optimus Prime as your game token, ok!

While my usual token for Monopoly is either the shoe or the hat, I went with Optimus Prime when playing Monopoly Empire for the first time. Alas, Optimus Prime did not help me win a single round… Think I shall go with Ford next round to zoom past everyone!

If only there had been a Candy (Candy Crush) or a Guitar (Guitar Hero) token, I’d totally use them!

#2: Free parking or take a trip!

This is usually the most safe, and boring, spot on the board. But now that it comes with the option of taking a trip to anywhere on the board, it ups the fun, making it a bonus spot to land on!

#3: The Dice

When one of us threw this combination for the first time, we had wondered what the hand shaking meant. To our delight, it means we can choose between moving the number of steps we threw or… And this is one of my favourite parts… Take over someone else’s purchased brand! Hahaha!

#4: The Cards

Chance Cards

Empire Cards

The cards in Monopoly Empire are so awesome that I look forward to picking one up. Just look at how cruel some of them can be! Haha!

I remember at our third round, in a bid to win, I played the “You’re Fired” card when my youngest sister bought the ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ brand and my elder sister stole it with her Empire card. Haha! We had a good laugh over that when we failed to stop our youngest sister from winning!

#5: The Game Pace

Monopoly Empire is hands down the fastest paced Monopoly game we have played so far. We managed 3 rounds in one hour! Mad love it!

It also helps that it didn’t take long for us to understand the rules of the game. It’s definitely more straight forward than the original Monopoly – which we realized, after playing for so many donkey years, that we’ve been playing it wrong. Haha!

I would’ve inserted a time lapse video here to show you how fast this game can be, but I didn’t expect it when we played that first night, and we haven’t been able to find a time where all four of us are available to meet up for another session… (I blame growing up and having different responsibilities. Haha!) But I will update when we can finally have another siblings game night!

Psst… The big sis just let in that she’ll be getting the Star Wars edition soon cos, in her own words, it’s “damn cool”. Haha! OMG! Yay! Another version!

Disclaimer: While we received the Monopoly Empire board game for the purposes of this review, this review was provided on a voluntary basis, and no compensation was received.

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