Art Science Museum: Future World

June 22, 2016

It was a Friday and the children’s school had closed for staff training. My initial plans for that long weekend were to stay home and do nothing special with them – free and easy for everyone.

But as a WhatsApp group conversation wore on, and Art Science Museum was brought up, I suddenly felt awfully spontaneous in wanting to bring them out all on my own.

Still, I was a little hesitant.

I really don’t want to end up with two very tired and cranky children all on my own. They are too heavy for me to carry them both at one go now!

Alas, as you can see from the title of this post, we obviously made it down despite my worries.

And it was all because I discovered the Family Fridays promotion. Haha!

I made up my mind in that instant and within 30 minutes, we were out the door and ready for a day of fun, come what may!

The children ran into this room first and refused to come out. I’m guessing they think that’s all there is to the “playground” they said I was bringing them to. Haha! My children are so easily satisfied!

A nice lady who was with her son helped us take this photo, and to thank her for her help, I took a couple of photos for her and her son!

After I managed to get the children out of the first room, we were greeted by a larger hall filled with huge beanie cushions on the floor. The children promptly picked out their cushion of choice and laid there.

For a moment, I was afraid that they might doze off. Then, I wished that they did so that they’ll continue the fun wide awake and won’t be cranky, pestering me to carry them. Clearly, I’m unsure of what I truly want.

Once the children got bored lying down, they ran into the next room and was pleasantly surprised by the huge slide that appeared before them.

“It’s the playground, mommy! This is the playground!”

It didn’t take long for them to remove their shoes and run up the stairs to the start of the slide. They went over and over again, so much so that I switched off my camera because of the seriously overload in slide photos taken.

Just when I thought we’ll be spending the entire time at the slide, Nakayla got off to explore the table next to it. This prompted Blake to follow as well and upon setting my eyes on what it was, I pretty much exclaimed, “I can play too!” Haha!

This interactive game, using blocks, is so fascinating! Each block represents something – tracks, roads, lake etc. – and you can basically construct your own dream world with the blocks!

Going deeper into Future World came my next favourite section – the blocks of lights! It’s so colourful and pretty!

Blake and Nakayla had a tough time trying to play with the blocks. There were other children there and they refused to share any of the blocks. I often told my children that if nobody wants to share, then we’ll just wait for our turn. However, these children were hogging!

Blake got pretty frustrated after waiting for quite some time, and he resorted to taking the blocks on the shelf, only to be told that they cannot be removed as the blocks were being charged. I overheard that it takes 24 hours to charge each block! Yikes!

Thankfully for everyone present, the staff on hand managed to get everyone to share. Phew!

From one colourful location to another, with the only difference that the children truly went wild here! I would too, if I were their size and allowed to go nuts! This area is not only beautiful to look at, but pretty cool too!

While the children went wild in the ball pit, I wished there were seats around for us parents to rest. Haha! I ended up sitting on the floor at a corner because my legs just couldn’t handle my weight anymore.

Blake and Nakayla took a break from the ball area when a couple of rowdy children showed up (one of them pushed the big ball straight into Blake and Nakayla on purpose and wouldn’t stop until he knocked them over!), and tried their hand legs at this interactive hop-scotch game.

By this time, the children were pretty spent in energy. So I got them to sit down and do some colouring. Only after they were almost done did I realize that the images the children coloured could be scanned, and within 10 seconds, appear on the big screen projection!

We had it all done, but I didn’t manage to get any good shots of their work because there were just too many artwork floating around. Sigh.

Lights off

Lights on

The final stop before we bade Future World goodbye was this gorgeous twinkling path of delight! This was basically screaming, “COME! TAKE PHOTOS!”, to me!

And lucky, lucky us! We saw a group of youngsters taking photos for each other, presumably Instagram-worthy kind, so I approached to ask for their help. And I’m so glad I did!

The only boy of the group was really patient and very particular about the shots taken. He took many but they all didn’t quite make the cut to him – either one of us wasn’t looking or didn’t look good or the lights went out (as in the photo seen above).

And while he was focusing on getting the shot right (the photo as seen above), his friends were doing their best to keep the children interested and looking at the camera! Super thankful to have met this trio! And yes, I helped them take a group shot too, and it was so much easier on my end. Hehe!

We left Art Science Museum all high and happy! Yay!

End of day survival report:
I had to carry Nakayla while heading to the train station (she slept immediately). Blake was on his best behavior when I said I couldn’t carry him as I didn’t have enough strength left. After getting off the train, I got Nakayla to wake up as my arms were on the verge of breaking and she didn’t fuss! Thank goodness for sensible children!

This outing has given me a confidence boost! I’m so doing this again with the children!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. It was a spontaneous outing on a day with great weather! Also, Family Friday promotion is not available during public and school holidays.

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