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Friends of Wildlife: Bird Park and Night Safari

September 20, 2016

The week after we signed up for Friends of Wildlife, we headed to the Bird Park with Lin Ying and her boys.

The first stop is always the Penguins, for the much needed cool air upon arrival!

Then we hopped onto the tram and headed straight for Lory Loft

The feeding of the birds was short-lived as one of the birds got pretty aggressive with the bowl Blake was holding onto. It grabbed and pulled the bowl out of Blake’s grip and the whole thing fell over the railing. Blake was left in shock and Nakayla, upset as she wasn’t able to feed the birds again. Note: I only got them one bowl to share.

With the bowl gone and time to spare, the children took the chance to finally explore the rest of Lory Loft.

We tried posing with the birds but failed miserably. Haha! They kept moving away from us because we didn’t have food for them. How realistic!

We crossed this bridge a couple of times, and in our final cross over, something happened.

Nakayla had just taken one step in front of me, and I was about to take a step forward, when one of the birds flew over and dropped its poop right in front of me. An old uncle, standing opposite us, saw it said to me in Chinese, “You very lucky! Almost!” Haha!

After we finished our round at Lory Loft, we hopped back onto the tram and went back to the entrance so that we can make our way to the water playground, Birdz of Play!

It was at this time when Lin Ying and her boys had to leave, much earlier than expected.

“We need to take with something that shows we’re at Bird Park!”
Can you guess who said that? Haha!

After the good-byes, the children and I took a slow walk to the water playground, stopping to see the birds along the way.

A video posted by mabel (@msmabes) on

A video posted by mabel (@msmabes) on

The children had so much fun as the water playground was pretty empty. They didn’t want to stop! I only managed to get them out with the promise that we’ll be back again. And we will!

After the washing up, more play in the dry area and fueling up on food, Blake asked to visit the owls before we leave.

The children ended up playing ‘Spot the Owl’ with each other, in the dark. That’s quite funny. I never thought of it as a game. I have no idea how their point system works, but apparently they tied and they’re both winners. Haha!

The Snowy Owl!
Probably the only owl you can see clearly and take photos of. Haha!

By the end of our trip to Bird Park, the children were pretty exhausted, but they were looking forward to what’s next… Night Safari! Haha! Yes, we’re mad like that. The children did nap on the way down, even made a detour to pick Sean up from work, so don’t worry.

The trip to Night Safari was a pretty straight forward one, as there wasn’t much one could do in the dark. We entered via the priority members’ queue and was advised by the staff to watch the show before getting on the tram. And that’s what we did!

Hardly any photos were taken because it was so dark and no flash photography were allowed, so these are the only two from that night, taken after the show.

The tram ride was pretty exciting as it was the first time since more than a decade ago that I visited Night Safari. It’s a lot more well-lit from what I remember too! Nakayla was so excited to see all the animals she could barely contain herself – she kept talking the whole way! Haha!

We zoomed home after the tram ride as we were all pretty much drained of energy by the end of it. It was a good full day out though. A little mad on my end to want to do this, but… Haha! At least the children didn’t complain and were all up for it! Woohoo!

And we so have to return to Bird Park again! I want to have lunch with parrots!

Note: We paid for the membership out of our own pockets. This is not a sponsored post nor an advertisement. I am, however, encouraging those who can and will visit these parks frequently to buy the Friends of Wildlife membership. It’s really worth it!

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