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Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2017

The husband has never believed that there’s a special need to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While I used to have this notion that Valentine’s Day must be spent dining at a restaurant with ambiance and that I must receive a bouquet of flowers (which he obliged to make me happy), I have outgrown that fantasy and have learnt to appreciate the little things he do for me daily because he loves me.

Just two nights ago, I text him an urgent message, “Dear, come to toilet. Help me” and he came running and asked what’s wrong.

I handed him my mobile and said, “I can’t reach the Pokestop here, help me bring it out to spin, please!”

Some of you might be rolling your eyes now. Lucky for me, the husband did not.

Instead, he laughed, took it from me to spin the Pokestop and came back to return it to me; to which I went, “Can you help me catch the rest (of the pokemon)?” And he did it for me happily. That’s how it is all the time, by the way. I’ll make him play a game with me, but he ends up doing all the work. Haha!

And over the weekend, I realized how whacked out I can be.

Things that might seem little to everyone else, the husband takes it seriously. I mentioned that my biggest fear is to die in a fire, and he brought home two fire extinguishers and smoke masks. Subsequently, he even bought a crowbar and an axe because I said, “What if I’m trapped and can’t put out the fire?”

It’s little things like these (there’s a whole lot more… but if I were to list it all out, your eyes may be rolling out of your eye sockets. Haha!) that he does for me on a daily basis, 24/7, that makes me feel loved all the time. The kind of love that no amount of expensive dinner dates and flowers can give.

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