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The Art of Baby Manicure

April 15, 2012

Giving babies a simple manicure is truly an art. It requires skills, good eyes, sturdy hands, and a whole lot of patience.

In the first two months, Sean was the one who did the trimming. However, due to a tiny accident, he decided to stop doing it, and I have taken over since.

What happened? Well, Blake was struggling quite a bit, lying on the bed, as Sean trimmed his fingernails and then, Blake cried. Sean had clipped, and Blake moved his fingers. No prizes for guessing what was clipped instead of the fingernail!

Sean quickly took some tissue to press against the open wound, while I went to get some first aid supplies (very important, people! always good to have them around!).

We did our best in wrapping up such tiny fingers, while still allowing some breathing space for the wound to heal, with big grown-up first aid stuff. It took us a while to figure the best way to wrap the open wound that’s secure but not too tight.

Note to all parents with babies: Buy baby-size first aid stuff!

Babies heal small wounds like these at an amazing rate. His fingers were all healed the very next day! No signs of it ever gotten cut in the first place!

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