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Flashback Friday #8: The Neck Float

August 31, 2012

22 May 2011: After dipping Blake in the swimming pool to train him how to hold his breath underwater over 2 sessions, my aunt passed us a baby neck float which my cousin (who’s 9 months older than Blake) had been using. It had gotten a little too small for her, and my aunt thought it would be one way for Blake to enjoy the water fully.

The day we went to the swimming pool to test out the baby neck float on Blake, we went with high hopes. We really, really hoped that he would enjoy playing in the water with the neck float on. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

Blake was still terrified of the swimming pool, and the moment we changed him into his swimming costume, he started crying. He knew we were going into the swimming pool, and he probably thought we would dip him underwater again, which we did.

Truth be told, we weren’t sure how many sessions it would take for Blake to learn how to hold his breath underwater. Perhaps just one session, with maybe 3 dips, was enough… All I know is that after the first time we brought him to the swimming pool, our little darling begin to develop a phobia for swimming pools.

Every trip to the swimming pool was tough on Blake, and on us. Handling a crying baby isn’t the easiest job to do. From changing him into his swimming costume, to trying to get him to play in the pool, to getting the swimming costume off, to bathing him, and dressing him – he cries throughout, and it really breaks my heart. The only way to stop him from crying is to have him strapped up to one of us, and taken on a walk for a little while, after he has been bathed and clothed.

In any case, after this particular trip to the swimming pool, we kept all swimming gear away, and decided not to put him through this again.

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