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Blake’s Third Haircut

April 30, 2013

24 March 2013: This is only the third time Blake is having a haircut (by a pro). And this time round, I remembered to take photos!

The plan was to have Blake watch Sean get a haircut before his turn. It turned out much better than the last time round we came. And all of the credit goes to Sean and the hairdresser. The both of them were very firm with Blake and held him down. I only took photos and held the tablet to let him watch Dora the Explorer. Haha!

While Daddy was queuing up for the both of them, Blake roamed the shopping mall

A-OK! And eyeing the lollipop in Daddy’s hand. Haha!

Till the next haircut!

    1. The cut on his nose was there before the hair cut. He scratched himself silly in his sleep, then went to pick on the scabs (itching fingers like me!) and it got bigger and bigger, till it was this size. Haha. But it’s all healed now 🙂

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