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Day I was a Kid Again

May 28, 2013

Ever since I was pregnant with Blake, I had been yearning to visit Universal Studios, Singapore (USS), which had just opened. I wanted to take all the rides – especially the Battlestar Galactica.

The first time we had a couple’s time out, since having Blake and back in December 2010, tickets to USS were sold out. We managed to make other plans and had fun, but it just didn’t feel complete to me. I still wanted to go to USS badly.

And guess what? My Mother’s Day gift from Sean this year was a trip to USS! WOOHOO!

Before I get started on that amazing day, I’d like to thank my mommy for being awesome and taking time off to help me watch Blake and Nakayla while I went to have a crazy good time! Hehe.

Alright! On USS day, I got up early to whisk the kids off to my mom’s place. Sean slept in while I did all these so that it’ll be easier for Blake – he will never let his daddy out of his sight without throwing huge tantrums. And the big brother, who was down with HFMD at that time, amazed me by holding my hand while I pushed Nakayla sitting in the stroller all the way to my mom’s place! When I had to use the phone, I told him to hold onto the stroller, and he did! It was a great start already!

Yup! He brought his beloved duck over too!

After settling the children at my mom’s, Sean and I went for breakfast and then it was to USS!

I was so excited about the whole trip that I didn’t do much photo taking. I told Sean my main objective was all the rides. Rides first, photos later. Haha! So here are just some photos we took that day, mostly taken with the front camera of my Xperia Z mobile.

We went really early! Hehe.

First ride of the day – Transformers the Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle!

After riding Battlestar Galactica: Human

After taking the Human ride of the roller coaster, I learnt something about myself. I’m no longer as gung-ho as I was when it comes to these things, partly cos I watched this: Final Destination 3: Roller Coaster Ride (beware, it’s super gory and graphic!), and the scene actually ran through my mind when I was seated, strapped in for the ride!

According to Sean, it is probably because I have two children now, and I don’t want to risk anything. I didn’t go on the Cylon ride in the end, but I will probably take that ride the next time I’m there! Haha.

Revenge of the Mummy – by far the scariest ride I’ve ever taken!

Yes, the Mummy ride is scarier than Battlestar Galactica’s ride for me. I don’t really like being in the dark (physically and metaphorically speaking). I sometimes sleep with the light on, or Sean MUST be next to me. The entire ride was so dark and eerie. I couldn’t see anything, but I also didn’t want to get too ‘surprised’, so I shut my eyes through the whole ride. It didn’t help that we had the entire row to ourselves (no one sitting next to me!) and there was no one behind us! But at the end of the ride, we had a really good laugh, seeing the photo they captured of us during the ride. I burst out laughing when I saw the picture. Sean wanted to buy it. I didn’t allow him to. Haha!

If you must know, in the picture, my eyes were shut tight, grinning from ear to ear (all my teeth showing), and I was leaning over onto Sean’s chest, while he just sat there with a regular smile on his face.

On our way to Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Suffered a huge scratch on my arm cos the lady who sat next to me on the ride had tons of gold rings on her hand. She scratched me when she stepped into the seat to sit down. The uncle sitting opposite us couldn’t help but stare at my arm, and kept pointing out to me how terrible it looked at the beginning of the ride. This ride was not only painful, but super wet! I was soaked all the way through! It was fun though. Haha!

After this, we went to the toilet to clean up (wouldn’t want my wound to get infected!) and went for lunch at Goldilocks’. The fried chicken served here is AWESOME. I love how they did the batter and the chicken was so juicy! If I ever go back to USS, I’m so eating there again! Haha!

We headed back to The Lost World for the Canopy Flyer ride!

Shrek 4-D Adventure

This Shrek… I got totally freaked out by the spider part, my legs literally flew up! If someone had sat in front of me, I think I would’ve kicked his head. I was shocked seeing my own legs react the way it did! Haha! I kept my leg crossed and on the seat after. Sorry, but creepy crawlies really do creep me out!

Queuing up for Enchanted Airways

After going on Battlestar Galactica and Revenge of the Mummy, the rest of the rides were pretty mild. Sean and I even managed to chat on this ride, and on the Canopy Ride, no screaming or anything. Just regular chit chat. Haha!

Walking around. Skipped Madagascar cos it seemed really tame and unexciting. Haha!

For some reason, there was hardly any queue at Transformers, so we went on it again! Our favourite ride!

These two rides – Enchanted Airways and Transformer (ride no. 2) – were super fast for us. We managed to jump queue cos there were two seats left, and we were the first pair of riders in queue! Hehe. Awesome!

We then went to Lights, Camera, Action! and it was awesome!

By about this time, I was ready to head home. It’s like my own alarm rang and told me I must get home to my babies pronto!

Mandatory shot with the Universal globe!

We stopped over at Tampines for a while to buy some things before heading home. It had been a long time since either of us wore our running shoes out and both our shoes were falling apart! Haha! We bought some new shoes to wear home. And I got myself a pair of purple running shoes! No idea why I picked such a colour! It’s so not me! Not for shoes, at least! Haha.

And what’s a trip out without buy something back for my babies, from the tourist spot?!

Bubble Gun! To replace his old and spoilt and not-so-bling one

Yup! He loves it!

And that concludes my awesome Mother’s Day adventure. I had a massively awesome time!

I spent two days playing soul-catching up though. I told my best friend, Nicole, that my soul was still stuck in USS, cos I felt so spaced out and couldn’t think straight for at least two days! Haha! Maybe it got lost after the roller coaster ride. Haha!

Till the next time I visit you again, USS!

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