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What’s in My Bag?

May 7, 2013

When I go on a quick run of errands on my own, I usually take a shopping bag (think big recycling bag) and my mobile phone in a wallet cover, complete with all the necessary cards and cash.

When I head out with either or both children, my entire bag is filled with all the baby things. I almost forgot what it was like to pack for myself, when I head out for a day for myself!

The following is a replica of what was in my bag when I went for the Hokkaido Chiffon Cake bake class, as it was emptied the moment I reached home. Haha.

My umbrella which the husband bought for me when I was caught in the rain once, while on my way to school. He even text me, “bought it in a purple colour you like” 🙂

TollyJoy wet wipes cos I can’t use regular soap that are found in all the public toilets. I can only use non-soap hand and body wash. This pack of wet wipes is one of two brands that I can use safely on my hands.

QV Cream is a must-have for me. I must apply it on my hands regularly, though I usually remember only when I feel my hands are drying out. Haha.

House Keys to my home and my mom’s. The keychain I’m using was given to me by my mom earlier this year. It’s for bringing me good luck! The other keychain (with the heart) was taken from my mom’s place.

Black Cardigan for when I’m feeling cold.

Mobile Phones for work and play. But I seem to only use one ever now, cos only one has data (that be the one with the wallet cover with all my cash and cards), while the other relies on Wi-Fi.

Yellow Coin Pouch was a gift from my aunt. I use it for spare change and the keys.

Card Holder for the many, many membership cards I have, but seldom use, but must bring along just in case.

And that’s it! I’m pretty sure if I had done this post pre-children days, I will find all kinds of funny things in my bag. But now with children, I regularly empty the bags and keep them (yes, even their diaper bags!). I need every inch of my house as I possibly can!

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  1. Eh your bag is nice! I like! And ah, wah so sweet the hubs buy you a “lam-ba-da” in purpur! :p Thanks for linking up! And bearing with my nonsensical Enggrish.

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