Happy Willow Indoor Playground Review (and then some…)

June 26, 2013

Media Invite

5 June 2013: We got up early that day, earlier than when Blake had to go to school, cos we were invited to Happy Willow, an indoor playground for children 9 months old and above.

Before I get into play time, I shall give you a tour of the place first.

Beautiful signboard at the entrance and front counter

The vintage finish and look of the shoe drawers are just amazing!

There are no numbers on the shoe drawers (or maybe there is, just not prominent enough for me to notice), so it can get a little confusing as to where you place your shoes after two or three hours of fun. I saw one of the customer’s helper going through several drawers before finding their shoes. I suggest placing your shoes (you can put like 2-3 pairs in one drawer) at easy-to-remember spots like the corner drawers.

Click to enlarge

A panorama view of the space – Playground, Cafe, Mini Book Store, Party/Reading Rooms, and seats for parents and caregivers. You can see a little of a newly added play area (at the bottom right corner), which I thought was a nice touch as it adds to the variety of things to do in this space.

The multi-purpose room for reading, drawing & colouring, story telling and parties

The big party room, extendible into the multi-purpose room

Books are displayed for sale here

A mini cafe. Don’t expect to have a full meal here (for the child, maybe). Though they allow you to pack food from outside in! But if you need some light snacks and something to quench your thirst, they have it covered. They also provide hot water for when you need to make milk for your baby!

Located in the first mall ever to be built by JTC (yes, the industrial giant), there are basically no facilities within the mall for babies and toddlers. The owner has very thoughtfully created a space for diaper changing. It might have been better if there had been a half-circle booth curtain covering the area when in use though.

Something like this:

Image source

If you’re wondering why, it’s because when I was changing diapers for Nakayla, I couldn’t help but feel like my little girl’s privacy was being intruded upon, as other customers sitting near the diaper changing area kept looking on. Also, I cannot imagine having to sit through a stranger’s diaper changing of soiled bottoms that’s free for all to see. But hey! It could just be me 😉

Another thoughtful move by the owner – displaying and selling of local artwork. Some of these pieces are really beautiful, and if you like what you see on the wall, you can very well make a purchase to bring it home! A lovely touch of support for the local art scene 🙂

Alright! Now onto the photos from play time 😀

Blake started with a little play corner that’s part of the playground

His first time in a ball pit that’s not at home!

Worry-wart mom alert! This ball swing is a little hazardous to me cos you will have to walk pass it to get to the rest of the playground, which may potentially hurt if there’s someone playing on it, but the kids love it.

Nakayla and I took a breather at the many seats provided
while the boys continued to play

Blake took time out from the playground and ventured into the newly added play area

Daddy’s little girl

While I was playing with Blake, Sean took Nakayla to have a ride on the ‘cow’ that’s within the playground. No, it never occurred to me the entire time I was carrying Nakayla that I could do that with her. Haha! So now, this playground can be played by 6 months old too! 😛

Managed to take a family photo with at least one child looking into the camera.
Blake was too busy playing!

This has got to be his favourite section of the playground!

As you can see, Blake was busy running between the playground and play area – very good for wasting all his energy! Hehe. And erm, he’s wearing my socks, that’s why his feet looks huge. Haha. I haven’t been buying him socks cos he doesn’t wear them!

And then the bell came (yes! they really do ring a bell!) and it was story-telling time!

But while a majority of the children were enjoying a story, a couple of them kids like Blake, continued playing.

I asked him to show me how he will sleep in the ball pit. Haha!

When story time was over, Blake went to have his own little down time with books

The ladies of SMB (L to R): Edlyn, Ling Siew, Elizabeth, Me, Beverly and Felicia

After Blake played to his fill, and our stomachs were growling, we left for lunch.

Carried both kids while Sean was putting the BabyBjorn carrier on

Blake wanted to be carried by mommy! For the first time in a long, long time! Haha. And yes, he stuck to me the rest of the day. I would like to proudly say that I carried him for most parts of that day (he walked the other parts), after the trip to Happy Willow. Hehe. Blake has always been sticky and clingy to Sean. So yes, I was super happy!

He dragged me away from the escalators and insisted we take the stairs.
That’s six flights of stairs!

He had knocked-out while we were having lunch, so this was post-lunch for us

And then it was home sweet home…

Disclaimer: We were invited to a free play session at Happy Willow for the purpose of this review.

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