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Flashback Friday #51: Father-Son Project

July 12, 2013

December 5, 2011: The first ever father-son project came in a form of a Little Tikes Fire Truck! We had gotten this for free during a promotion that came with the brand of diaper we were using back then. It was awesome, but I remember collecting it was a huge headache because of the location of the warehouse. Nevertheless, it’s an awesome ride which Blake thoroughly enjoys!

So excited that he got into before it was fixed up!

Grabbing a tool behind Daddy’s back – literally!

Almost completed when he decided having the wheels were enough. Hehe.

Fixing in the hose (which has since disappeared)…

And ta-dah!

I’m very glad that we went ahead and got this fire truck for him. It’s definitely one of those crazy things I used to do – collecting stamps and whatnots to redeem free things like these for my boy. Hehe. It’s definitely seeing more action than the huge electronic car we got him for his second birthday though!

* * *

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  1. The fir truck super nice leh, worth the effort!

    And super like about how you tell about Flashback Friday! Like see through me having guilt to keep many draft posts lor!

    First time linking up! qing duo duo zhi jiao;).

    1. Hehe, thanks thanks. I also think the fire truck is super nice 😛

      Haha! I have a lot of backdated posts myself, and it’s only accumulating!

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