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July 31, 2013

With the release of the National Day song 2013, One Singapore, I have come to terribly miss the good ol’ National Day theme songs, where televisions were still of 4:3 ratio. These are the songs that I look forward to listen and sing along to, weeks leading up to National Day.

Here are my Top 5 National Day songs in all my 26 years (and counting) as a Singaporean.

*ahem* Order is based on the year they were released.


This song is undeniably one of the most popular National Day song to have ever been used as the NDP (National Day Parade) theme song to this very day. It has even gotten a remix recently in 2011! Which song?

It’s ‘Home’ by Kit Chan (1998).

In English

In Chinese

Yes, back in those days, we had an English and Mandarin version. I don’t think we have that anymore – I don’t seem to recall any of the NDP theme song from the past few years having a Mandarin version. Do correct me if I’m wrong!

The remake of the song in 2011 saw many of our own homegrown singers as being part of this amazing song. With Dick Lee, the song writer and composer, kicking it off, you can be assured to have a pleasant update to this Singapore favourite!

Now, why can’t we have more of such remakes, that won’t butcher a song, and will shine our brightest local stars on such a glorifying day?


This next song is rather empowering. I always feel so inspired and proud to be a Singaporean whenever I hear this song. This song is ‘Together’ by Evelyn Tan and Dreamz FM (1999).



I remember that when this song and music video first showed up on our television screens, I kept wanting to find that blue window with yellow printed flowers (seen at the opening scene of the music video). And when I finally found them, I was super happy! Haha.


In the midst of getting ready to cross over to the new millennium, with all the Y2K bug rumors threatening to crash all the computer systems in the world, we had ‘Moments of Magic’ by Fann Wong, Tanya Chua and Elsa (also 1999). This isn’t exactly a NDP theme song, but it was pretty hyped that year, around National Day. And I believe, it was considered a National Day song, though not the theme song.


Chinese (Only Elsa sang this version)


Another of my favourite is ‘Where I Belong’ by Tanya Chua (2001). And yes, I still remember the words clearly! Definitely a song I sing at the top of my lungs proudly!




Last but not least, probably the last time I heard and really like a National Day theme song… ‘We Will Get There’ by Stefanie Sun (2002).



I especially love this song because it is a really powerful song, and I remember that my fellow school mates at Katong Convent were part of NDP that year! I also love how there was a dance for the chorus!

So there you have it, my top 5 (or rather only 5!) favourite National Day Parade songs. I absolutely miss having such amazing songs as our Nation’s birthday song.

Oh, and notice how all these 5 songs say so much about our little island without having to shout the word ‘Singapore’ every 1-2 sentences? Some made no mention of it at all, and it still makes absolute sense!

What are some of your favourite National Day songs?

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  1. Thanks for linking up!

    Count on me, Singapore is my all time fave I think.. because I never fail to tear singing it now. Hahaha…

    I’ve come to love the song, Home, a lot now after I’ve lived some time away from Singapore, and realising how fast Singapore just changes.

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