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Timeout Thursday: The Drama-mama

August 1, 2013

I was seven when my parents sent me to speech and drama classes over at the Sisters’ house, located just beside CHIJ (Katong) Primary. I honestly have no idea what school we were under back then. After many good years spent there, I moved on to Grace’s when, I believe, the Sisters’ house was no longer open for us to use. I can’t be too sure. I was really young and my memories from those days were just whatever went on in the classrooms – which was all fun!

My two favourite years during those periods were when I was in Grades 5 and 5A. At these two grades, we were to enter the examination room as a group. Our entire class worked hard together to put on a show for our examiner. I remember our first examination performance was called ‘The Truth About Cats and Dogs’, but my memory fails me when it comes to our second examination performance. I do remember about that the performance title was something to do with black and white, and we performed an excerpt from ‘Sing to the Dawn’ where I was ‘Bao’.

Not long after, one of my favourite drama teachers ventured out and started her own drama school, Artistic Expressions, and a couple of us moved over with her. This was where the real fun began!

Not only do we have lessons to prepare us for our examinations, we also have extra classes to practice and rehearse for performances! And these performances often have all the different classes merged together. We performed with little ones to those who were more senior than us. It was all good 🙂


Performance at Esplande’s Library

Over the years spent together, since Grade 5 for most of us, my drama friends and I formed quite a bond. We try to meet up at least once a year, but it’s really tough coordinating all seven of our schedules – me with motherhood being the biggest hurdle now. Haha.

This was pre-family, when I was still in poly

Also pre-family, Christmas in 2008, I think

Finally, we managed to all make it for our gathering in 2010 😀

July 2011 meet up

January 2012 meet up

I missed out on the last gathering because things didn’t magically fall into place like they used to. I was pregnant second time round and had a toddler in his terrible twos (so glad it’s over!). Pregnancy hormones and a toddler going through the terrible twos – one explosive recipe for disaster, for sure!

But now that it is over for one, and the other still has a while to go before the double Ts… Another gathering, perhaps? 😛

* * *

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