One Beauty Spa: Jamu Power Tummy Trim Review

December 2, 2013

Media Invite

Back in early October, I was invited to One Beauty Spa‘s 5th anniversary celebration. It was an open event that anyone could attend. I brought my mom and sisters along (but my younger sister was too young for spa treatments) to go for their free trial sessions. Yup! Free trials sessions were being given out that day!

We arrived later than our trial appointment times cos a wrong turn was taken, and ended up with us getting stuck in bad traffic. The staff were all very understanding, and promptly arranged for my mom and sister to have their massages.

My mom tried the Acu Meridian Massage, while my elder sis went for the back massage. I decided to forgo my trial session (I had opted for the Jamu Power Tummy Trim) because there was a sudden influx of customers after I was done with my makeover.

Yes, free makeovers were available that day too!

Very sweet lady who did my face!

With One Beauty Spa’s brand ambassador, Carol Chiam

With Cherry Yeung, the owner herself!

When Cherry found out that I decided not to undergo the trial session for the womb wellness treatment, she offered to postpone the trial session for me, at a time where it’s most convenient for me. Honestly, I was shocked. I mean, I was the one who showed up late for the appointment, and yet she was so sweet to extend the trial session for me!

So when the day came, 24 November 2013 (that’s how packed they are!), I was super excited and didn’t know what to expect. Fortunately, when I arrived, I was briefed on what it was all about.

In theory, the Jamu Power Tummy Trim is an all natural herbal treatment that’s said to not only shape and contour the tummy area, but it can also help regulate the monthly cycles us ladies have to go through. This means that the treatment is not limited to ladies who have given birth. As long as you’re a lady, above 21 years old, you can go for this womb wellness treatment!

Some of the benefits include the removal of wind, dispelling toxins from our body, and most importantly, we can expect to slim down to achieve a more tone and firm tummy. But, this is provided we go on a proper diet. I can’t imagine anyone who binge eat after every session to see any kind of positive results.

My own experience during the massage and treatment was almost, but not quite like, the Jamu massage I did during my confinement days.

The massage technique in itself was very different, it was also great that the massage was focused on the tummy area 100%. Although I did hope that I’d get part of my arms and legs and back massaged in the process, like when I was in confinement. Hehe.

Another thing that’s distinctively different – pressure points around the tummy area are poked to improve blood circulation. It was kind of part tolerable pain, part ticklish for me, which made the masseuse rather amuse cos she said most of the time, people would be feeling quite an intense pain instead. If you do go for this, be prepared to have a slight ache in the tummy region for a few days after. It’s the good kind of ache, like you just did a crazy intensive ab exercise.

After the massage is done, herbs were applied to the tummy area before being thermal wrapped. I then had a nice relaxing 20 minutes shut eye. Hehe. This shut eye basically marks the end of the treatment. Once the time is up, they will clean the herbs off your tummy, give your back a little rub before leaving you to get dressed. A nice cup of tea will be waiting for you when you step out.

In this one session, I noticed that the skin around my tummy looks and feel smoother, with all the wrinkly saggy bits pushed down to the bottom. I showed Sean and he was kind of amazed by it. So while I’m really pleased by what just one session can do (and only imagine how things will be after 6 or more regular sessions), I will probably only continue this particular treatment when I have more spare time and cash. I yearn to achieve a slimmer tummy in a really relaxing manner, but the pocket is saying, “Kids first! Figure later!” Sigh.

* * *

If you’re interested in the Jamu Power Tummy Trim, do contact One Beauty Spa. Each session is priced at $188.

Disclaimer: I was invited to One Beauty Spa’s 5th anniversary on October 5, 2013. This session of Jamu Power Tummy Trim at One Beauty Spa was supposed to be a 20 minutes trial session which anyone could experience that day. However, I received a full session (about 75 minutes!) unexpectedly when the owner of One Beauty Spa, Cherry, offered to postponed the trial session for me. I was in no way requested to write a review for them, or compensated for this post. Hence, the absence of photos from the session. All opinions are 100% my own.

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