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Flashback Friday: Singapore Science Centre

May 30, 2014

A series of posts that are super backdated

December 2013: Together with my sisters, brother-in-law and his nephew, I took a trip to the Singapore Science Centre with my babies during the December school holidays. When I first heard that they were going, I immediately invited myself and the children along. Haha!

Blake had missed the chance to visit with the school earlier on that year as they didn’t allow any parents whose children aren’t from the playgroup class to join in. And being the paranoid and worry-wart person that I am, I fear my baby will go missing in such a huge place! As it turns out, my worries were completely justifiable, but in a different way. The dinosaur exhibit was really dark, and Blake was terrified of all the bones!

The dinosaurs were less terrifying with some skin on

In the middle of the dinosaur exhibition was a nice area with activities for the children!

If you’re wondering why it’s all orange,
it’s cos the school had taught them to use just one colour for each picture

Happier to be in the Ice Age section, but why is that section so small!?

After our trip through the dinosaur exhibition, we stopped for some food and even saw the fire show. I can’t quite remember much about that cos I believe I was tackling two very cranky babies by then. Haha!

Then we moved onto other parts of Singapore Science Centre!

Watch Earthquake Blake shake the Earth!

The most fascinating display for Blake

Seeing how it has been about 5 months since our trip, I don’t quite remember all that happened that day – just the little highlights and whatever memory that came up as I look through the photos.

I do remember two things, which I have no photographs of, though.

The first is the water play area. It was closed cos it rained, and only opened up when we were leaving! Roar!

And the second – how frightened Blake was at the electric show. He was really paralyzed with fear, and his frozen state came with shivers of fear. Not surprised by Blake’s reaction, but absolutely with Nakayla’s. It was really loud and that girl had no reactions at all! Needless to say, after the first jolt, we bolted.

Nonetheless, I remember we had quite a fun time that day!

* * *

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