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Sights at Home: Self-serve Ice Cream

May 29, 2014

Random Happenings in Our Home

Recently, Blake learnt how to opened the baby gate at the kitchen’s entrance. It’s really convenient for me cos he’s able to help himself to any food or drinks he might want to have (after asking for permission), or wash his hands whenever they are dirty.

And today, something interesting happened.

Blake asked for ice cream, and I said no. Partly cos the mini cones my dad buys for him ran out, but mostly it’s because if I do that, I’ll have to give Nakayla some as well.

Blake threw no tantrums, nor whined. I thought it was pretty strange, but didn’t bother much about it. Then I saw him walk into the kitchen and, after a while, heard water running. No big deal (see first paragraph), right? Wrong.

I heard a loud clang and it had me bolting out of my seat and straight into the kitchen.

All the while I thought he just went in to wash his hands, but lo and behold… The little chap had gone into the kitchen to get himself a bowl of ice cream!

He had climbed up the step-stool to open the freezer, take out a pint of ice cream, place it on the kitchen counter, shifted the step-stool to the kitchen counter, take a bowl and tablespoon, and scooped himself a bowl of ice cream.

The water from the tap I heard was him rinsing the tablespoon.

Instead of getting angry with him for defying my initial objections to the ice cream, I burst out laughing and asked, “How are you going to eat the ice cream without a spoon?” He then took a teaspoon and put it into his bowl.

As he walked out of the kitchen, I told him that Nakayla was bound to take some from him. He said not a word and walked to the sofa.

Then I saw this,

*cue the Awwws*

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