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Nakayla’s First Day of School

June 2, 2014

My littlest has just entered a whole new chapter of her life… She’s now officially a student!

Nakayla’s first day of school was pretty mundane. No tantrums, no tears, no calls from the teachers to tell me she’s having difficulties adjusting. I suppose this has got something to do with me bringing her around the school since I was pregnant with her.

From Blake’s first school excursion to the latest Mother’s day celebration in school, whenever I could, I brought Nakayla along to let her mingle with the teachers and schoolmates. The end result was a super smooth transition!

I guess it helped that Blake was in the same school as well, and Nakayla has been wanting to go ever since we bade farewell to her baby cot. She would cry and kick up a big fuss whenever she’s awake and Blake’s leaving for school. It’s not a pretty sight at all.

So today, when she was finally dressed in her school uniform, she was raring to go!

She was sitting so upright and didn’t dare move!

I managed to leave without her noticing because she was so distracted with all the people around her!

I managed to go about running my errands for the rest of the day without any worries, and when the teacher updated me during their nap time that everything was going well, I was over the moon! Yay!

On top of having more time to myself and trying to earn more money from the side, I can most definitely attend all the school excursions now! The school has a policy that all children in the playgroup must have an accompanying parent in order to go on school excursions. Hehe.

Hurray for school!

    1. Ai, I can’t believe I forgot to reply! Sorry! But yes, exciting times ahead for me, for sure! 😛 Hehe.

  1. What a brave girl! This reminds me of when my little girl started school a year ago. They look sooo cute the first time they put on the uniform 🙂

    1. Hi Jocelyn, thanks for dropping by my blog and so sorry for the late reply! This whole week has been a blur!

      They definitely look cute in the oversized uniforms! Hehehe.

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