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The Lost Sheep

May 15, 2014

Ever since I enrolled Nakayla into childcare (she’s starting in June), I’ve thought to myself that I must get back out into the working world. I’ve been telling everyone I know that that is what I am going to do. I say that cos I believe that I must start contributing to the family money-wise cos if I don’t, it doesn’t justify me sending both children to childcare at all.

If you’re wondering why I’m sending both children to childcare instead of just day classes, it’s because the school we found is very reasonably price compared to all other options available. And, only they can get Blake to take an afternoon nap and eat proper meals. It only made sense to have Nakayla attend the same school too. It also helps that the teachers and staff are all awesome! 😀

So, I started to look for jobs. And it was through this that I feel very, very fortunate to have so many friends who are willing to help!

Some have offered to meet up with me to discuss my work needs further, some provided me with job openings in the company they’re working at, and one even drafted up a contract for me! I am eternally grateful to each and everyone of you – you definitely know who you are!

But at the end of the day, my family comes first.

Whatever work I end up with must be super flexible with the working hours, because I must be there for my children whenever they need me. And it’ll be terribly unfair to any employer of mine if I’m not able to give my 100% or more.

I shared with Sean some of my fears and worries, and he finally spoke on the matter.

He told me that I should continue to stay at home, and take up whatever freelance work that comes my way – be it blogging, Party Favors Singapore, or tuition just to name a few (I’m quite the cannot-sit-still-and-do-one-thing type).

He told me not to give up on my own dreams just for immediate financial security, or all that I’ve worked hard towards will go down the drain.

He told me that he will be able to support all four of us comfortably, as long as we spend within our means.

He even hooked me with some assignments (but up to me to retain it!) to start with, so that I won’t feel so horrible!

I honestly couldn’t be happier when Sean told me everything and more.

Before any of you start thinking why I let my husband easily sway my decision to head back out to work…

Sean has always been very supportive of the decisions I make. He lets me grow as an individual and gives me time to learn from my own mistakes.

Instead of cuddling me through the hard times like some people think he does, Sean actually holds onto my hand, allowing me to lead us blindly through whatever it is whenever I say I have a better plan. He puts a lot of trust in me, and I’m eternally thankful for that.

But I guess he knew something was up when I text him, and he decided to guide the lost sheep that is me, for once. Hehe.

* * *

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