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My Mother’s Day

May 23, 2014

A Look back on Mother’s Day Through Photos. Mostly.

Blake’s school organized a nice little dumpling making session with our children as part of their Mother’s Day celebration. Initially, I thought we were making rice dumpling. I was super looking forward to it, especially the eating part, then my mom told me, “It’s just normal dumpling. Not rice dumpling!” Sigh. Bubble burst.

Well, not quite. Hehe.

Blake had a super fun time rolling the dough out!

Nakayla had a go at it too 😀

Our very first batch of dumplings before it’s cooked, which we never got to eat…
Can you guess which is the ONE dumpling Blake made all on his own? 😛

The second batch!

Sending it to the hot pot!

All done! I ate every single one of them!

Nakayla also got to mingle with her soon-to-be classmates,
but that’s Blake holding a banana. He hopped over to her class to play. Haha!

And that just about wraps up the morning spent in the school’s Mother’s Day celebration!

On an almost related note… One more week to go and my baby girl will be heading off to school! I’m equal parts happy and in absolute disbelief. Where did all the time go?!

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