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Timeout Thursday: Wedding Planner Wannabe

May 8, 2014

Being my cousin’s ‘wedding planner’

Back in late February, my eldest cousin, Z, asked me to help with his wedding. If you’re wondering why the bride isn’t the one doing the asking or planning, that’s because both Z and his wife are living overseas, and are holding wedding banquets in two countries – Singapore and Shanghai.

With his wife busy planning and arranging the wedding banquet in Shanghai, there really isn’t enough time for her to put one together in Singapore as well. Not when they are going to hold their wedding banquet in September. Not September 2015, mind you. September 2014. This year.

The weeks that followed saw me calling and making arrangements to visit hotels and their ballrooms on behalf on Z and his wife, providing them with my honest feedback.

Then came the day we confirmed the venue for the wedding banquet.

I met up with my other cousin, Y (Z’s sister), for lunch – a delicious dim sum treat from Z – before heading to the hotel where they were having a bridal showcase that afternoon.

I don’t take outfit of the day (OOTD) much, but I wanted to remind myself of this day!

Beautiful flower arrangements found all over the place

I couldn’t decide if I love this or the previous one more

Baby breath’s take center stage! So lovely!

The wedding cake design for the year. They provide a real cake! Not a dummy cake!

The bridal showcase not only displayed their floral arrangements and various decorations for a wedding, but they also had a lot of food served! Despite the very heavy lunch I had earlier, I couldn’t resist eating more!

Naturally, I attacked the dessert section. Hehe!

The macarons are simply divine!

Towards the end of the bridal showcase, we made a couple of calls to Z to have him confirm the venue before Y placed the deposit on behalf to secure the venue.

What’s that I hear? Why isn’t Y the one planning her brother’s wedding? It’s because Y’s job requires her to fly all over the world. The very next day had her packing off to Maldives for six weeks!

Now, to settle the photographers, guest list, wedding invites and all the other miscellaneous things that come with putting a proper wedding together!

To more yummy food from food tasting and the actual day!

* * *

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Amazingly Still

    1. The flowers are even more amazing in real life! Hehe. I thought the baby’s breath set up was really refreshing too, and they look so beautiful being the center of attention!

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