Bio Shield: Organic, All Natural Body Protectant

June 19, 2014


Just a little over a year ago, Blake suffered and recovered from HFMD. And ever since then, I would go straight into panic mode whenever I received messages like these from the school:

It’s really something I don’t want Blake to go through again, or for Nakayla to suffer from. My heart ached so much back then, when I saw the blisters all over Blake’s body, that I had to control my tears whenever I showered for him.

I still remember how much pain he was in, so much so that he didn’t even dare to move much at one point, because of the pressure placed on the blisters.

At the same time, I was also afraid that Nakayla, who was only about 6-7 months old then, would catch this dreaded virus.

And as some of you might recall, I have hand eczema. I’m not able to use a great deal of products that are anti-bacterial because they are too harsh for my skin and would cause immediate breakouts.

So other than keeping everyone as clean as possible through constant washing with my non-soap washing liquid and hoping for the best, there was really nothing much I could do.

Until now.

From L to R: Bio Shield HandSan Hand Protection Spray, Bio Shield Kiddie Body Protection Spray (Children), Bio Shield U! Body Protection Spray (Adult), Bio Shield Healthy Feet Foot Protection Cream

Bio Shield offers a range of certified organic and all natural products that are meant to help protect us and our loved ones from harmful germs.

Their products are mostly vitamins-based without any use of alcohol, and has passed several skin patch irritation tests to prove that even people like me, those with sensitive skin, are able to use them.

They are so confident in their products that you can even request for the lab test report!

Overall, the products from Bio Shield – Hand Protection Spray, Body Protection Spray (Children & Adult) and Foot Protection Cream – have been working well for me, that is my skin has no adverse reaction to it. Yay!

I personally like how light it feels. It’s so light that you don’t feel it at all, after you have massaged it into your skin. And in our current weather conditions, that’s one huge plus point!

Knowing that I have these products to aid me in times of emergencies (read: receiving messages of HFMD cases from the school), I think I’ll panic a whole lot less now!

But please, to all the scary bacteria and viruses out there… Shoo! Be gone! 😛

* * *

If you’re keen on trying out any of the products from Bio Shield, you may purchase them from Remember to enter the coupon code ‘201406-TIN.Bloggers‘ before you checkout to receive a 5% discount!

Disclaimer: I received a bag of products from AO&N for the purpose of this review. Please note that while these products did not cause any adverse reaction to my skin, it might react differently with yours. Kindly conduct your own skin patch test by applying a small amount of it on your skin first.

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