Cold Storage Kids Run with Lucky Baby

June 4, 2014


About two weeks back, Nakayla and I took part in our second mother-daughter race at the Cold Storage Kids Run! Hehe.

We signed up for the ‘S-26 Family Stroller Fun Run’, and ran the race with our Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy, alongside awesome companions – Cherie, Irene, Ting’s husband (thanks for putting up with us three girls throughout the race!) and our babies!

The early stages of the run had us just stopping and
taking photos with the beautiful scenery around us!

Got our running on when the sky threatened to pour!

Run, run, run! Run before it starts pouring!

And ran we did, with smiles intact too 😀

Made it to the finish line with time to spare 😛

We are finishers!

After we took a final group photo with our medals, we bolted because of the dark clouds that loomed over us, barely making it to shelter before the rain really came down hard on us. But the sheltered location wasn’t very ideal because we kept getting stung by mosquitoes! So out into the rain we went again and ran for our lives to the train station.

By the time we got to the train station, I was soaked through and through! Thankfully, the stroller was equipped with a full canopy, which kept Nakayla dry. Her legs got wet, but that’s cos they were sticking out of the stroller. Phew!

Besides being thankful that Nakayla was kept dry throughout the dash from Gardens by the Bay to the Bayfront MRT station, I was also grateful for the stroller toy and fan which kept Nakayla entertained in the darkness under the hood.

Yes, she plays with the fan. Haha!

Got caught in the act, suddenly feeling shy

I’m beginning to enjoy more of such runs and races – be it with my children, family, friends or just myself. It helped that the run in the rain brought back fond memories of my childhood, where I would run out to play in the rain, without a care in the world. Those were such fun times!

Now, to do that with my children so that they can have such wonderful childhood memories too!

Disclaimer: I was invited by AT Marketing Consultancy to participate in the race, and received additional stroller accessories + transport fees from Taime Pte Ltd.

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