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Having a Sibling

August 11, 2014

According to one of the teachers, during the school’s all-levels play time today (i.e. after all the lessons were over), Nakayla snapped two magnets together, with the flesh on her palm being caught in between.

Blake saw it and immediately rushed to her aid and removed the magnets. He was apparently really flustered over the incident and constantly soothed the redness that has appeared on her palm.

When I asked Blake about it, he quickly grabbed Nakayla’s injured hand and said, “So painful!” and started to sooth it again.

I then asked if Nakayla cried and he replied, “No! Nakayla is happy!”

And true enough, the teacher said Nakayla really didn’t cry at all. In fact, she was giggling as her brother fussed over her. Yup, the girl thinks it’s funny when her brother is all flustered over her.

Next thing I know, Blake snatched something off Nakayla’s hand, which belongs to him, and she started crying.

Oh, the joys of having siblings. Haha!

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