Shopping at PONEY!

December 17, 2014


The last weekend of November saw us doing my all time favourite outdoor activity – SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES!

The timing was perfect as I’ve been craving to shop for new clothes for the children, which typically happens when there’s nothing left to shop for myself. Haha!

Visiting PONEY’s flagship store at Marina Bay Sands was a huge treat for mommy and kids, with two of their stores, PONEY and PONEY Enfants, side by side!

PONEY Enfants carries collections of clothing exclusively from Spain. It is the higher-end of fashion clothing for children, most of which look pretty formal (think wedding and evening events). Surprisingly, all the clothes are pretty affordable for all that kind of dazzle!

Image source

If and when the children do have a formal event coming up, I know where to shop for clothes!

PONEY, on the other hand, carries a slightly more casual collection of clothing. Much suited for daily wear, but still pretty and smart enough to wear to parties and fun events!

Blake, being the typical boy that he is, didn’t really want to shop much. He was happy to just let me pick out his clothes (much like his father). I couldn’t be happier! 😀

His idea of shopping for clothes…

Mommy, I want to hide

I’m going to slide down, Mommy!

That just basically sums up how Blake shops and tries on clothes. Haha!

Seeing how I can’t get him to be as enthusiastic as his sister when it comes to shopping for clothes, I decided to pick the clothes out for him, and have him choose it while he sat at the table filled with toys, playing (Yup! There’s one smack in the middle of the store!).

And just as I suspected, both father and son preferred the tees and shorts I picked out.

I’m waiting for the time Blake tells me that he wants collared shirts or polo tees! I saw so many smart looking ones with pretty awesome designs and colours! It’s a bummer, really. But everything was made up for when it was Nakayla’s turn to shop!

That girl is a natural shopper.

The moment she stepped into the store, she went straight for this rack, tugging on some of the clothings.

She went back to it when I asked her what she wanted.
Clearly, this girl knows what she wants.

She wanted this set matched up exactly like this

She also picked out this top

With Nakayla, we went round the store again and again, taking a bunch of clothes to the fitting room with us to try on. If she gave the nod of approval after trying it on – whether I picked it or she did – it goes straight into the purchase basket.

And every time she puts on a new outfit, she heads out to parade it for everyone, perhaps to see how well received it looked on her.

I absolutely love this maxi dress on her! She loves twirling in this, and everyone around her was exclaiming how beautiful she looks! It’s gorgeous!

This is one dress that was approved by everyone in the family!

Sean picked out this casual dress for her, and when Blake saw her in it, he went, “Wow!”

I have to say, this dress does look like it was specially designed for her! Don’t you think so?

We walked away with a bag full of clothes that day, and this mommy is one satisfied shopper!



The next day, Blake told me that he wanted to wear his new clothes to take some photos. This prompted Nakayla to get up and ready to change. Haha! And the result?

The perfect Christmas outfits, in my opinion!

Yup! They’re super happy with their new clothes! I am too!

Thank you, PONEY! I’ll be back soon 😀

* * *

Psst… I went back to PONEY a few days later. Haha!

* * *


The lovely team over at PONEY would like to share the Christmas cheers with all my readers by giving out shopping vouchers worth $100 each to two of my readers!

If you’d like to win yourself a $100 shopping voucher at PONEY, just follow the widget below! Remember to follow the instructions carefully. Good luck 😀

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UPDATE: Winners have been selected and contact details have been handed over to PONEY Singapore. PONEY Singapore will be contacting the winners directly tomorrow. Congratulations to those who have won and thank you everyone for taking part!

Please note: In order to protect the privacy of our winners, we will no longer be announcing our winners on any social media platform. All giveaway winners will either receive a congratulatory email from me or be contacted directly by the company sponsoring the giveaway. We seek your kind understanding in this. Should you wish to share your joy though, don’t hesitate to tag me on Facebook or Instagram! I’d love to see your happy faces with your prizes! Thank you! 😀

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More M.I.C.E Christmas Giveaway coming up this December!

In the days leading up to Christmas, don’t forget to pop by Irene’s, Cherie’s and Estella’s blogs (and return to mine too!) to see what they have up for grabs as well!

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PONEY Shopping Voucher Giveaway Terms and Conditions:
– Giveaway ends 23 December 2014, Tuesday 2359 hours (Singapore time)
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Disclaimer: My family and I were invited to PONEY’s flagship store at Marina Bay Sands for a shopping experience with them.

  1. The boy just wants to make it snappy. The girl adores admiring herself in the mirror with the new clothes on. Mirror, mirror on the wall… By then, the boy is already restless!

  2. Nope! Both my kids love to shop. My 7 years old girl loves to choose what to buy for my 2 years old boy. And vice versa! They pick out items to show each other and once they see the approving nod, that item goes into my shopping basket. But they know it does not mean Mummy will pay for everything that they choose. And that would be my call! To buy or not to buy?? 🙂

    1. That’s so sweet of your children, Wendy! I’d love to experience that some day with both my children. I think the first time it happens, I’ll gladly just pay for every item they pick out for each other!

  3. My elder son wouldn’t care what he wear but my younger son has specific preference. Has to let him do his own shopping or he won’t wear what he dont like.

  4. My 2 kids are very different when it comes to shopping. My little girl will gladly browse and tell me which “dresses” she like while the boy will roam around the shop looking for toys to kill time. I would be more than happy to help them pick their outfits and would try to get “matchy ones” for the siblings. They always get excited when they are dressed in a similar theme or colour tone.

    Evelyn Hu

    1. I’m trying my best to match clothes for the children, but it can get really tough sometimes! The children hardly notice when their clothes match though. Haha!

  5. My children are very different when comes to shopping for clothings! The girl would head straight to the dress section and would pick out very colourful and sexy dresses. The boy has his eyes more on cartoon characters or cute designs on the t-shirts, but I would say he’s not much of a shopper like Blake, coz he enjoys playing around the store, talking to the store assistants and/or heading straight to the fitting room (without any clothings to try on haha!!) to “hide”.

  6. My boy is 4 yrs old and he usually likes to choose clothes without buttons. And he loves casual wear such as T shirt n shorts. Plus when we go shopping, he likes looking at shoes including adult shoes. Lol.

    As for my girl who’s only 11 months, she can already pull out clothes she prefers.

    1. Blake used to dislike shirts with buttons too. Thankfully, there was a change in his school uniform. It now comes with buttons and he’s okay with them now!

      Wow! At 11 months old? That’s sounds pretty cool!

  7. my children all have the same thinking when comes to buying clothes, they just want to feel comfy in the clothings they wear. So when it comes to what style they are wearing, the decision still leaves to me 🙂

  8. I usually shop online for my 19 month old son…. so far so good!
    If it doesn’t fit, I’ll just give away to his younger boy cousin 😛

    1. That’s really good, Dean! To have someone to pass on the clothes to… It’s tough for me on that front because Blake and Nakayla are the only ones in their generation!

  9. I have one child: – When she shops, she likes to touch every piece of clothing. Yet she’ll only take out those which has her favourite color: Blue to try. When she puts on the outfit, she’ll look into the mirror and smile at herself, if indeed it looks nice on her. For me, I’ll try on those that suits my style, kept within the changing room and ask for opinions only when I’m unsure.

  10. my elder girl doesn’t like to wear dresses. have to plead her to put on one 🙂 whereas my younger girl, she is easy with anything and she goes round showing off her attire.

    1. I never liked wearing dresses much growing up either! At least, that’s what I gathered based on photos… Haha!

  11. The kids shop differently. The girl would want to look around and choose lots of accessories while the boys will just go directly and choose the item they want and pay for it.

  12. My kids are still young and they have no interest to shop. More interest with running around the shop though. So usually it’s online shopping or go in shop and chop chop come out.

  13. Shopping with my son means i have to act very fast: go into shop, scan shop, pick up item, pay. If i’m any slower, my son would have pulled everything off the shelf! Definitely unlike my spouse and I who will slowly examine the item we want to purchase and deliberate over it.

    1. Woah! He really pulls everything off the shelf? Yikes! But I think things might change when he grows up, seeing how you and your spouse take time to examine the items before making a purchase.

  14. I’ve a boy and a girl, yes, they shop very much differently. In fact, I like it more of my choices than theirs, oops! Unless it’s a piece that they really love and wouldn’t let go. Ha.

    1. I know how that feels! It’s like that with Nakayla, and I was told by one of the salesperson, “Aiyo! You ask her to choose, but don’t want to take the one she likes?” Made me feel quite embarrassed (in a good way). Haha!

  15. Have 2 boys and they dislike shopping! They will only chose what they like and rush to make payment. And that’s it! They are done. While this mummy here like to feel and look around for more ideas before deciding…

    1. Huiqi, sounds pretty much like most of the boys! Blake’s similar too, though there are times he get super excited about shopping for clothes. Hehe.

  16. Boy is too young to care what he wears while my girl pretty much loves anything that I say looks good on her. As long as the clothes are comfortable she’s good! (Makes my job easy lol)

  17. My daughter is very girly girly so she will go into shops like Forever21, and try out all the trinklets.
    My son would ask if we could go epicentre, challenger because he wants to try all the gadgets!

  18. Shopping with my children is a weekend activity on its own. Where parents crack their brains on heading to West or East Coast Park, we would head to the stores with gusto! As my children are merely 2 years and 6 months of age, they have no clear understanding of what shopping is. However, as long as daddy is around, they have their playground. Ewan and Faye shop alike – they play with Daddy the Walking Wardrobe. With two different shirts in each hand, Ewan (the toddler) would snap away the colour he wants while Faye (the baby) reaches out to the one that attracts her the most, FOR A BITE! That’s how daddy entertains our children at the shops while I do some serious selections.

    1. Wow! Another super daddy alert! We sometimes plan shopping as a weekend activity too! Haha. It really takes a lot of energy out of everyone just to get some new clothes, right?

  19. My toddler gal love girly dresses, especially with ruffles and tutus and in pinkish colours. My 4 months old baby boy do not know how to shop yet but its already a big contrast from my gal. My baby boy is always dressed in stripes and boyish colours.

    1. Aww! Girls in dresses with tutus and ruffles look the sweetest! And most boys look really smart in stripes!

  20. Same! The girl will browse and say “let’s buy this!”… The boy will find something to play with in the shop!

  21. My gal will choose her own clothes as she is very particular about what she will wear to go out and even to sleep. She is very picky!

  22. I usually shop for my boy as he is still young and he isnt bothered haha! Daddy lets me dress up the boy all I want too! And I absolutely love Poney! Bought their long sleeves shirts before! Handsome! Pls let me have some credits to shop again! 🙂

  23. My son chooses clothes with his favourite cartoon characters on it while I prefer clothing which are not so cartoon-ist.. =)

    1. I don’t fancy clothes with too much cartoon either. Only when it’s pretty awesome looking will I consider to get it for them!

  24. We like to go shopping together with kids and my kids like to have same design but with different colour or sizes.

  25. Merry X-mas . Thanks a lot for awesome giveaway..

    As a family we love to shop either at Metro, OG or BHG..Many brands under one roof give us flexibility & sometime good deals…

    I am blessed with 2 little princess & whatever my older one takes, my younger one wants the same..Even in size 🙂 Subsequently after trial she get convinced , its not a good idea to get the same size & finaly ready to try her own..But mostly end up having the same clothes if kiddos are shopping with us …

    1. Ah, shopping at major department store sure has its perks! It will have everything for the young and old!

  26. I have three boys and shop for their clothes online mainly. So we hardly go shopping for clothes with them. That said, the second boy has been showing himself as the brother with the sartorial wit, insisting that he wears a thick strand of ‘necklace’ made of coloured penne pasta and his striking Disney cap with cartoon eyes whenever we go out. What rocks his boat, rocks mine. =)

  27. My son prefers comfort casual wear (just like his daddy) but I would love to dress him up more. Luckily when I bring him out to buy dressy clothes, he’s patient enough to change into the outfits I choose for him. He actually likes it when I praise him that he looks good :p

    1. That’s so lucky for you, Meg! I wish Blake had the patience to let me try out all the clothes for him when I bring him shopping!

  28. I have a boy and girl. We normally shop together for groceries, books, toys and clothes.
    Even from a young age of 5, the elder brother will read details on the packaging (toys, food books). He is very specific, looking for a particular taste, feature, function or content. He is even sensitive on the price!
    The only exception is clothes – he will wear anything as long as it is not long pants (:/) , not pink and is of a comfortable material. The designs, patterns and colours do not bother him.
    My girl, on the other hand, will gravitates towards anything that is pink, bling or fluffy.
    Never mind that she has something similar at home. She will try to ask for them with a little pout and ‘puppy eyes’, and says ‘It’s different’. But in the past 2 years, she has grown to be more initiative, selective, decisive and creative in her choices. She now explained why she wanted the items she chose.
    So, it has really been interesting shopping with kids… minus the ruckus they created at the stores when they were fooling around…

    oh, Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. That’s really interesting, Wendy! I suppose they learn from you and/or your spouse! Being sensitive to prices is awesome! Hehe. Wow, I hope I can teach my children the same (reading details on package, explaining why they need the items they want to purchase)!

  29. I have a 4yo boy and 3yo twin girls. Though my boy and girls are only 14 months apart, 3 of them shop differently from one another. They have their own preferences for clothing, food and toys. My boy would always accept the stuff that we buy for him, no matter what they are. My girls, one loves Sofia and the other loves Dora The Explorer. When we are out shopping, both of them will look for these two characters!

    1. Even the twin girls have different preferences! I was thinking they’ll be all matchy-matchy at their age!

  30. Shopping with my toddler is fun she moves the racks,carries the basket and i have to run behind her most of the time.
    She is yet to start shopping for her but started complaining about dresses she doesnt like.Maxi dress and its vibrant colour is so good on your daughter, she is very pretty.
    My daughter is turning 2 coming jan 2015.
    Would be awesome if i win this voucher can buy nice dresses for my toddlers birthday.

  31. My 6yo son shops differently from me, he doesn’t really like to choose the design and colour, it’s always me picking for him. For this point, it totally matched my hubby’s character!! He also don’t buy his own clothes, I would always shop for both of them! And you know what? Both of them actually don’t mind wearing their pyjamas out when we go for breakfast! So even for their PJ, I’ve to get something nice and decent haha! Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I’ll have the chance to win.

    1. Haha! Irene, Blake and Sean are the same too. Other than one basic requirement – must be cooling – the boys pretty much leave all their shopping to me too!

  32. My girl is like your boy she doesn’t show interest yet unless its her favorite character like sniw white kr frozen then she will exclaim “wow mummy you see? I like that I want”. She is 3.5years old maybe her vanity not yet started haha
    My boy is opposite. He will flip the clothes and tell me which is nice. He gives me opinion when I shop for my clothes too. I think his dress sense is not bad but he biased in blue stuff lol.

    1. But it’s good that she doesn’t just grab everything and anything she sees, right? Hehe. Only picking those she really fancy… It’s very good!

      I wonder if Blake (and Nakayla) will ever give me opinions on the way I dress/shop. Haha! For now, neither of them are interested in what I wear.

  33. The shopping behaviors of my two children are the same. They are only interested in playing and will leave it to me to choose clothes for them.

  34. Hmm it is always chaotic to shop with the two! Infact the two loves shopping but both wants attention at the same time. Both refused childish look now. The girl’s character is quite different from both of us, she is independent and knows what she wants, very tough girl sometimes..well I don’t know if that is good, always conscious n perfectionist.. my boy is super happy go lucky like his dad..

    My princess used to like princessy dress and accessories, infact I think she still like, with the way sees the dresses, but somehow she is afraid people will laugh at her. I noticed she love dressup yet she is concern how people perceive her look! Sadly, my pretty daughter lacks the confidence she used to have after she started school.. still trying to change her a lil, these days she is into jeans n Tees..

    My younger boy is totally different from his sis, he knows what he wants like your lil ones, he knows he look great in bright colours and he love dressing like his dad sometimes..

    One thing in common, they love PONEY clothes.. we were stuck at the store at Seletar Mall the last time, they simply love their collections…

    1. Oh dear, I wonder what’s making her change the way she dress. Have you tried encouraging her to wear dresses? Jeans and tops can look really flattering too. Try to get more girly tops!

      I love bright colours in my clothes too! 😀

  35. Shopping with my kids is sometimes quite chaotic as I have a girl n boy. If the girl is trying clothes, my boy would be running around and touching everything.

    Both my kids love to try on shoes and whenever we come across kids’ shoes department they would start trying on shoes!

  36. Hi. I would like to win the voucher. I do not have any kids though. But i would like to gift it to my uncle for his newborn daughter 🙂

  37. My kids are still too young to shop for themselves…
    So I make all the fashion decision as my hubby is fashion-less :p
    But my no1 is getting more vocal in voicing oh what she likes n dislikes!

    1. Hehe. I think if you give your husband a chance to choose, they might just pick a winner! It happened with Nakayla’s pink dress, as mentioned above! Hehe!

    1. That’s so cute! Nakayla is showing signs of wanting to pick out her own clothes to wear, but for now, she trust me enough to make the decisions for her. Phew!

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