Chinese New Year Goodies by Emicakes

February 10, 2015


Chinese New Year is just round the corner and I’m sure most of us are all set to feast to our heart’s content. In this household, however, we’re already feasting away! Hehe 😛

Available in limited stock, we were lucky enough to receive all the different delicious Chinese New Year goodies from Emicakes!

Durian Tarts, $18.90 (U.P. $35.60)

With Emicakes, there’s bound to be a special festive goodie dedicated to what they are most famous for – Durian!

The durian tarts are a definite one of a kind, and as far as I know, they are the only ones in Singapore that sells such durian tarts!

The melt-in-your-mouth pastry that wraps the sweet durian jam is so good that even Blake, who doesn’t like durian much, went, “Hmm… It’s yummy, mommy!”

Pineapple Tarts, $11.90 (U.P. $20.60)

The pastry is similar to the one used in the durian tarts – absolute melt in your mouth – and the proportion between the soft pastry and pineapple filling is just right for me. And given the size of the tarts, you can pop them into your mouth… Non-stop!

Besides pastry tarts, Emicakes also has cookies available in two special flavours. And anyone who’s allergic to eggs, it’s now time to scream with happiness! These cookies are eggless! Honestly, I couldn’t tell eggs weren’t used at all! It’s super yummilicious!

Eggless Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies, $11.90 (U.P. $15.60)

Crispy and fragrant are the first two words that come to mind when I think of the Eggless Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies. The dried orange bits hidden within the cookie adds a slight zest to a regular chocolate chip cookie.

Eggless Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies, $11.90 (U.P. $15.60)

This is hands-down the family’s favourite Chinese New Year goodie of the lot! It’s sweet, it’s crunchy… You just can’t stop at one (tin)! I want more of this! Gimme, gimme more!

Super sweet and uniformed packaging is ♥
Thanks for the delicious treat, Emicakes!

* * *

To get your hands on some of the more delicious Chinese New Year Goodies around, head on over to, iMOB Shop and Qoo10 to place your orders online!

Alternatively, you may walk-in to the Emicakes outlets listed here to place your orders:

Disclaimer: Emicakes had provided us with the above and I purchased more because, well, me loves ’em all! Please bear in mind that taste buds vary from person to person.

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