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Timeout Thursday: The Evolution

February 6, 2015


Lately I haven’t been writing much about the children, which makes me wonder if I even need a once-a-month post specially set aside to talk more about myself. Slowly, but surely, I suppose some of you can tell that I’ve been writing more about myself as an individual, a wife and a mother than of the children.

While noting down milestones of the children are awesome and great for the failing memory (mommy brains alert!), I started to rethink having their presence online. So many things have been going that I suddenly feel protective to a certain extend.

Yet, I don’t feel the need to completely pull the plug as I love writing a lot and there are just some moments in my life that I’d love to share with everyone. Such dilemma, right?

I thought about it all, over the past couple of weeks. I guess the key lies in moderation.

Besides writing to tell my children how they were as little ones (limited to things I think they’ll like to know when they’re older) and places we have gone or things done together as a family (the best memories to have, in my humble opinion!), I’m also going to show them that even after being parents, they can still be their own individual.

They don’t have to immediately conform to the idea of how a parent should be (this I struggled with), be it in dressing or mannerism etc. It took me a while to get to where I am today (mentally and emotionally), and I hope they’ll be able to feel safe knowing that their mom isn’t exactly full-on mom with them, seeing how I still feel like a kid myself most of the time.

Borrowing Hilary Duff’s words, “I still kind of feel like a kid. I’m a kid with a kid.”

So what’s a kid with a kid to do?

Enjoy life to the fullest, in the most fun and amazing way possible, of cos!

Image courtesy of Connie

P.S. I need to give special thanks to my husband, Sean. If not for him shouldering a good majority of the family’s burden, I won’t be able to be this carefree, just like a kid ♥

P.P.S. I should probably drop hints here and there to remind Blake and Nakayla that earnings aside, the most important thing while planning and after starting a family is to never end up in a debt. Unless it’s HDB. That one no choice.

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