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Conversations with Blake: This One?

February 2, 2015

When the Kids Talk

This incident actually happened in August last year. I came across this completed post in my draft folder wondering why it’s still in there!

According to the husband, this went down on a Sunday when he brought Blake out and ended up in Toys’R’Us. The following conversation is based on what Sean recalls so it may not be word for word.

Sean: Okay, Blake, time to go home.

Blake gets up and runs to the Transformers section, takes two toys off the shelf.

Blake: Okay, big daddy, let’s go!
Sean: Do you want these?

Puts down one toy and points at another (one that he knows Sean doesn’t want)…

Blake: Or this one?
Sean: Don’t want this, okay?
Blake: Don’t want this, okay.
Sean: Choose one for yourself and one for Nakayla.

Blake still holding on to the one he really wanted, took another off the shelf for Nakayla (which was one Sean had wanted)…

Blake: Okay, big daddy?
Sean: Okay.

And off they went to the cashier.

The three green ones on the left came in a box and were picked for Nakayla,
the right most one was for himself

It seems like Blake made a preemptive strike of negotiating for the toys he wanted before he could get rejected. Sort of what I’ve been doing to him – choice between what I want him to do and a less desirable option that’s still okay with me. While I think it’s cute that he’s picking this up through observation and then applying it, I sure hope it won’t backfire on me!

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