Pilates Fitness: 28 Days Pilates Challenge

May 14, 2015


Once work and family duties got caught up with me late last year, I neglected exercising. It was reduced to a mere 1-day-1-song workout based on a game. Haha!

I don’t know if they somehow knew I was in some kind of exercise slump, but my sponsor, Pilates Fitness, recently issued me a challenge to up my fitness game!

Image from Pilates Fitness FB Page

This 28 Days Pilates Challenge is open to everyone and anyone living in Singapore from the period of 1 June 2015 to 31 August 2015.

If you’re keen to challenge yourself, all you will have to do is:

1. Register at any studio reception (You can read about my reviews for their classes and see photos of their two studios here)

2. Ensure you have enough classes to get started. If you have existing bundle classes with them, you can use those for this challenge. If you don’t, you can make a purchase of the 28 Days Pilates Challenge Class Bundle at any studio reception.

3. Book your classes, track your body analysis and redeem your free health and beauty bag.

4. Track your weekly score.

5. Attend 28 days of classes within the 3 month period mentioned above and win prizes.

Besides challenging yourself, pushing yourself towards a healthier lifestyle, you can also look forward to winning $1000 in cash and prizes worth $2000 if you perform the best in the challenge! What an awesome motivation, right? Keep fit, win cash and prizes at the same time! Just make sure you read up on the rules to ensure you’re on the right track to win the prizes.

There are also awards for individuals who excel in these categories, which include the influencer, the challenger, the motivator, best customer and the completion reward!

While it’s still a few weeks before the challenge starts in June, I’m attending classes now to whip my body back in shape! And also to clear the prerequisites needed to attend their new HIIT classes (starts in June, can’t wait!). Hehe.

So, to my dear sponsor, Pilates Fitness…
28 Days Pilates Challenge, HERE I COME!

Disclaimer: This is part of a series of posts with classes sponsored by Pilates Fitness for the purpose of review and documenting my fitness journey with them. I’d like to thank the staff at Pilates Fitness for helping me capture these moments on camera 🙂

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