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Through Blake’s Lens: Zoo Trip

May 25, 2015

Gave Blake the camera and voila!

After looking through more than 270 photos taken by my boy, I picked out 15 photos that I really like a lot! Photos are in chronological order.

Blake particularly enjoyed taking photos of his new Skecher shoes. Haha!

So much that he asked us to joined in.

If I ranked the photos, this would be my number one!

It’s pretty interesting to see what Blake took (a lot of plants!) and from the height that he’s able to take the photos at. There were times where he requested for us to lift him higher because he couldn’t see anything at his height. Or, when he wanted to zoom in cos the animals were too far, but that only happened twice. It took him just two observations to know how the zoom in/out works! He takes decent photos too (for a 4+ year old), though there were times we had to remind him to snap and hold for two seconds instead of moving away immediately. Haha.

Maybe I should hand him the camera more often, let him practice and get good at it… Good idea, yes? 😛

This might be the start of a beautiful series!

  1. Wow, he’s got a really good eye! Very nice photos, and erm, I think they’re nicer than the ones I take, because I’m a pretty bad photographer. 😛
    Maybe I should let Noah handle my small camera too, since I hardly use it, and he’s always asking to use our phones to take photos. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Adeline! I’m pretty shocked too. I expected the photos to be out of focused or in motion blur. Haha! Don’t say that of yourself! I’m sure you take great photos too!

      And yes, you should like Noah have a feel of the camera, if you can. It can be a little weakening to the heart (every time the camera drops!), but well worth it methinks 😀

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