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‘Tis the Season of Durian!

June 30, 2015

Yesterday, over breakfast, my mom and I were just telling each other how much we were craving durian the night before, but we didn’t buy any cos we didn’t have anyone to share it with!

Sean had told me to get some on my own, but I was worried that I won’t be able to finish a whole durian on my own, so I decided to have something else for dessert (there were three different durian stalls right beside us!).

So while we were talking about our non-existent durian satisfaction, and Facebook is not helping with everyone showing their durian loot, my dad must’ve listened and remembered.


I had wondered why I got a missed call from dad so close to dinner time (did the kids leave something in the car?), and to my surprise, he said he bought durians for mom and me! WOOHOO!

He had wanted to bring some over to me, but because I didn’t pick up his call, he went home first. I went on an immediate high, and I think maybe he heard it in my voice, cos he said he’ll repack it for me (he bought 2 different varieties) and I can go over whenever to pick it up.

The moment we hung up, I called Sean straightaway to tell him about it, and he picked up my box of yummy durians on the way home – perks of living close to parents!

As soon as I was done with dinner, I got me some alone time with my durians. And I finished the whole box in one sitting! HAHA!

Eating durian during the durian season – CHECK!

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