September 10, 2015


DATE: 10th October 2015
TIME: 8am
LOCATION: Sentosa Palawan Beach

For the first time ever, there is a race specially dedicated to raise awareness on depression.

The M.A.D. Race aims to break down the social stigma associated with mental illness. It also aims to educate everyone that any one of us can help sufferers walk out of depression!

There are two categories to the race – a 5km run ($49.90 per pax) and 2.5km walk ($29.90 per pax).

For the 5km run, which will kick off at 8am, runners will be able to collect a rainbow of wristbands which has been specially designed for this race. The symbolic act behind this is akin to putting a rainbow back into each and every person’s life (i.e. when you wear the rainbow on your wrist).

For the 2.5km walk, flag-off at 8.15am, walkers will be walking with opened umbrellas (provided in race pack) for the first kilometer in an attempt to break a Singapore record!

Online registration is now open and will remain open till 23 September 2015, Wednesday. To physically head down to sign up, and collect your race pack at the same time, you can do so at City Square Mall, Fountain Square, locared at B1 on 27 September 2015, Sunday, between 10am to 8pm.

For more information, do visit their website.

I hope to see you there!

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