smôl tôk by starknicked

November 30, 2015


Many a time, a day or night out with my siblings will have us sitting at a cafe or restaurant having a meal. Some days, we can chat up a storm. Others, well… not so much.

On one such outing, when we had some time before meeting the rest of the family for dinner, we decided to try out a new card game called smôl tôk.

I won’t go into details about how the game is played (there are apparently many ways), but the gist of the game is to encourage people to create meaningful conversations beyond small talk and random chit-chat.

After close to an hour of playing, we only managed to ask about 1-2 questions each (there were 5 of us). That’s not even one-third of the cards in the deck!

We had a good time playing/talking and it really evolved from a small talk to something more substantial. We kind of digressed a couple times with shared memories – probably why we didn’t get far. Haha! I learnt something new about everyone too, and they did about me! (I have very morbid thoughts.) Haha!

We also agreed that it’ll make for a good ice breaker or team building sort of game (in a corporate setting perhaps?) where not everyone knows anyone.

However, some questions are kind of repetitive, where only the adjective is changed or the question is phrased slightly different but essentially asking the same thing. The way some of the questions were phrased also had everyone questioning the question, which had us digressing to how the question should’ve been phrased instead. Haha! Thinking back, it’s actually quite funny.

What I personally feel will make the game a little more exciting is to have the person, who you want to ask a question to, pick a card from your set, rather than you pick the question for them.

It’s quite a good game to play, but if we were to play it again (the same 5) I’ll probably remove the cards we’ve already answered so that we can attempt the other questions together.

* * *

starknicked is the first Singaporean startup that is serious about playing with meaning. The company is founded as a platform to create purposeful games that go beyond mindless fun. smôl tôk is the company’s first product.

To purchase a basic set of smôl tôk, you can visit any Naiise outlets or The Tiramisu Hero.

You can also purchase a set from their online store and get 25% off with the Christmas promotion code ‘25off‘!

Disclaimer: I received a set of basic smôl tôk for the purchase of this review.

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