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That Transformer’s Leg

November 3, 2015

The story behind this Transformer’s leg is a pretty dramatic one, but because of it, I learnt something new about my baby boy.

It all started over dinner, on our 10th wedding anniversary.

Sean bought some new Transformers to add to our ever growing collection and they were both very excited to open this particular one (I believe it’s called Skywarp), and so they did.

From the time it was opened to when my dad dropped us off at our place, neither of us noticed anything wrong with the toy, but when we got off the car, Sean realized that one of the legs was gone. We searched the car frantically but nothing. We searched around the area we got off – nothing. We called the restaurant, thinking maybe it was dropped there, and still nothing.

Naturally, everyone was upset. It was a new toy after all.

We grilled Blake and asked him if he could remember anything. His answers were all over the place. He couldn’t quite recall. My guess is, he was still in shock. We gave up after a while and decided to leave the toy as-is. We can always pretend this particular Transformer lost its leg in battle or something.

Once we decided to let it go, the children went to shower. After Blake got dressed, he came to tell us that he remembered. He said that he was sure that the leg dropped off when we were getting off the car. He even turned to me and asked, “Mommy, you go outside the car park and find, ok?”

We doubted him because we’ve searched the car and the area we got off and it yielded no results. Blake was adamant.

The next morning, I opened the door of my dad’s car, and this little Transformer’s leg peeked out from the side to greet us. Blake and I immediately jumped and said, “The leg! THE LEG!” He grabbed it and held onto it tightly.

As it turns out, Blake’s recount was pretty accurate. It did break apart when we were getting off the car. We couldn’t find it because it fell between a narrow gap between the seat and car door. It wasn’t exactly a spot that we thought of checking, and with it happening at night and the toy being black, it wasn’t easy to spot either.

At the end of it all, all’s well that ends well. And through this incident, I now know that Blake is fully capable of recounting a day’s event. He just need a shower to jolt the memories.

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