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Conversations with Blake: Cybertron

November 6, 2015


Flashback Friday!

This conversation happened last year, when we were still in the midst of planning Blake’s 4th birthday! I can’t remember why it’s still in the drafts folder, but what a way to remember the old times! Hehe.

* * *

Blake has been obsessed with ‘Transformers’ since last year. And with his birthday party being ‘Transformers’ themed this year, you bet there’s a whole lot more ‘Transformers’ talk!

Blake has been vocal in letting us know what ‘Transformers’ toys were missing that he needs, and Sean will in turn let him know if the toy was “on its way”. Blake will normally just nod in response and that’s that.

On this particular day though…

Blake: Daddy, can I have Scattershot, please?

Sean: Daddy can help you get Scattershot, but he has to fly here from Cybertron. And Cybertron is very far away. It will take a while for Scattorshot to reach our house.

Blake: Daddy, can I go to Cybertron, please?

* * *

I can’t quite remember how we got out of that conversation, but I know for sure we had a good laugh over it. And one good thing about such insanely backdated post is that I can now include a photo of Scattershot!

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