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Frozen: Embracing Differences

February 19, 2016

So, it’s only February and I’ve already lost count of the number of times we have watched the movie, Frozen, this year alone. And, the last time we watched it, something struck me nearing the end of the movie.

Besides the obvious that the story is about the natural and pure love between sisters (or siblings), and that love will thaw even the most frozen of hearts, has anyone else thought that maybe the underlying message of the movie is embracing our differences?

I mean, look at this scene after Elsa struck Anna by accident and they went to the trolls for help.

They focused on how fear will take control and destroy everything, hiding Elsa from the world and Anna, instead of embracing it and actually teaching her how to control it.

Telling her to “Conceal it. Don’t feel it. Don’t let it show.” in the above video clip, at 0:44, only made things worse… Which was evident at 1:20. It’s pretty normal that even after so many years, she still has no control over her powers. She never got any practice! And this kind of puts Elsa in constant fear that her born with powers are more like a curse than something magical.

And anyone else thought that the parents and everyone on board the ship might be able to survive the stormy seas had they embraced all of Elsa and brought her along the trip at 1:36? I mean, she did make the entire country into some kind of winter wonderland, freezing the seas and all, remember?

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But Anna… Anna embraced her sister’s powers and even saved Elsa’s life when her own was in jeopardy – the act of true love (i.e. sacrificing yourself to save the one you love). Thus, leading to Elsa learning how to control her gifted powers fully (Elsa already knew how to freeze things, but didn’t know how to unfreeze or freeze selectively).

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Oh, which reminds me of something else that I thought of in one of the many times I’ve sat through this movie with the children… If Anna had not gone to save Elsa, she probably wouldn’t have saved herself either. I mean, who’s to know whether Kristoff’s her one true love and a kiss from him will save her, right?

So another moral of the story: Save someone and you might just save yourself too.

Clearly, I’ve been watching ‘Frozen’ way too many times than a regular person should. But I have two children who caught the ‘Frozen’ bug later than most so…

Note: I actually posted something similar on my own Facebook profile a while back, but thought to put it up here because I’m pretty sure that post will just go missing in time to come. Haha!

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