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February 29, 2016


A little more than a week back, a special delivery arrived – Limited Edition Hello Kitty Bottles by Tupperware®! Nakayla was so happy!

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As we had a garden bazaar to attend to the next day (her very first!), Nakayla was quick to say that we needed to pack water along and that we should use the Limited Edition Tupperware® Hello Kitty Bottles. She even assigned who gets to use which colour – pink for her, purple for me!

The next day, she practically had the bottle glued to her. It was like her little buddy and she barely let it out of the sight – constantly checking on it or picking it up to drink. I have caught her talking to it as well. It’s quite funny actually. Haha!

Besides the obvious fact that the bottles are 3D-shaped in the likeness of Hello Kitty (I’ve never seen a bottle in this shape before!), Nakayla also loves how she can be so independent in drinking from a big girl bottle (i.e. no straws).

It’s easy for her to open and drink at her own convenience, not needing to seek help from any adult – which really pleases her! Drinking is also made easy for her as the nozzle is smaller than most and she’s able to drink without spilling water all over herself! Yay!

Speaking of spillage, as with all Eco bottles from Tupperware®, what spillage? There’s no such thing! Not even when the cap of the bottle is easy to open and close for 3-year-old!

Now, most of the time, things that look so cute are often expensive and impractical. And as much as I want to give my children everything that they want, I can’t. But the Limited Edition Tupperware® Hello Kitty Bottles has my stamp of approval for something cute, practical and inexpensive!

The bottles are affordable – only $44 for a set of four 3D-shaped Hello Kitty bottles. That works out to be $11 per bottle, which is cheaper than some bottles found in the Children’s section!

It’s also worth every single penny.

Not only are they made with non-toxic and food-grade material (environmentally-friendly), these bottles are also durable – very important when you have little ones!

And on top of using it to store water, you can use it to store snacks as well. Check out what Bumble Bee Mum did with her set of Limited Edition Tupperware® Hello Kitty Bottles!

Cheers to mother and daughter’s approval of the
Limited Edition Tupperware® Hello Kitty Bottles!

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Limited Edition Tupperware® Hello Kitty Bottles Giveaway!

I have one set of Limited Edition Tupperware® Hello Kitty Bottles to giveaway to one lucky winner! Simply follow the widget below. Terms and conditions apply. Good luck!

Tupperware® Hello Kitty Eco Bottle Set

Disclaimer: We received a set of Limited Edition Tupperware® Hello Kitty Bottles for the purpose of this review.

  1. I was discussing with hubby that the size of bottles is just right for the little hands to hold firmly and they are non toxic which is a very important factor when comes to using for the kids. Super loved these limited edition water bottles.

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  2. I like the bottles as they are spill proof and no straws!!! No need to scrub the straw and replace straws anymore!! Yay!!

    1. Haha! I never liked scrubbing the straws, so I handed the job of washing the bottles to the hubs. He’s quite relief after the arrival of the Hello Kitty bottles!

  3. I love the Hello Kitty Tupperware water bottles as it’s easy for small hands to handle and super cute to entice children to drink more!

  4. I love the fact that the Hello Kitty Bottles are made with non-toxic and food-grade material. They are also environmentally-friendly. Best of all these bottles are also durable ! My 3 year old girl is always dropping her bottles!!

  5. The hello kitty Tupperware eco bottle set that appeals to me the most is that they are made with non-toxic and food-grade material – which means they are environmental friendly. The bottles are also extremely durable! Of course not forgetting the cute hello kitty design!

  6. Totally loved the Hello Kitty bottles. I can get my younger one to drink more water in this case. They are totally influenced by me ans also a Hello Kitty lover!

  7. My two lovely girls & I are HUGE FAN of Hello Kitty ! I LOVE the fact that the nozzle is smaller . My 20months old toddler is currently learning to drink from a cup & this can helps in training too – No more spillage ! Her current water bottle tends to leak , resulting in wetting my bag . The cap is so tight & secure . Also , I can store their tibits / baby snacks inside too . This set of Limited Edition Hello Kitty Bottles by Tupperware® is TOO CUTE & LOVELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope to win it !!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. Huge hello kitty fan and I grew up with Tupperware as mom’s the fan and ofcourse when you get married, what your mom uses, you also use, right? So this is definitely a must for me.

    Hope to win! Thanks.

    Elizabeth De Cruz

  9. Most appealing would be the design cod I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan, and the trusted brand of Tupperware means good quality.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    ️FB: Gladys Tiyo

  10. It would be awesome if we could win this set of Hello Kitty X Tupperware bottles cos K and I are big fans of HK. I liked how they come in different colours to suit our mood for the day!

  11. Tupperware has been a trusted brand for household products ever since my childhood days! From simple plain designs during the to current fanciful designs with attractive colours. I’m quite impressed! Now they even have Hello Kitty! If I don’t win this, I will buy this set of Hello Kitty bottles! Too cute to resist. I trust that it’s airtight and prevents leakages. And it’s transparent so I can see how much water is left! Ok, I think I am more thrilled about these bottles than my girls. 😀

  12. I love the perfect size for my little angel, helping her to drink on her own, boosting her confidence . Her own quiet little hello kitty bottle give her happiness & mental piece to me for being safe & no spillage..

    Thanks for awesome giveaway…

    1. A child will definitely get a boost in confidence when they’re able to do a so-called adult thing like drinking from a bottle with no straws!

  13. I <3 MY TUPPERWARE HELLO KITTY BOTTLES because Tupperware is my Number ONE Choice in my family, and everyone uses Tupperware products. Hello Kitty is my love since young till now, and my never ending love for Hello Kitty is still there, that i need these bottles in my life to make me brighten up my day! They are so cute and convenient I bring it to school to use it, and also everywhere i go because they are part of my life! Eco-friendly products & Safe to use, it's my Top Choice! Spread the love of Hello Kitty around now ~ 😀

  14. I’m a HK lover and anything that is Hello Kitty related will definitely be my choice for sure.

  15. I like it that the nozzle is smaller than usual so that the risk of spillage is reduced to the minimum. I also like it that I don’t have to keep changing straws as my daughter has the tendency to bite on them.

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