Disney on Ice: Magical Ice Festival

March 14, 2016

Media Invite

The long awaited trip to watch Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival finally happened over the opening weekend.

The children have been so excited over the past month, ever since I told them we were going. And boy were they cooperative! Everything went according to plan and we reached our destination with time to spare!

The moment we entered the indoor stadium, we were greeted by the very lively and friendly staff. This man (seen above) was exceptionally warm and hilarious! He was singing and talking animatedly… It’s as if he’s a real life cartoon character!

Mandatory photos of us at our seats

And the show begins… Mega loads of photos to follow from here on!

First up, The Little Mermaid!

Uh-oh! What did Ariel do?!

The most impressionable moment of the entire show!

And they lived happily ever after…

The Little Mermaid started off the show with a big bang!

We were dazzled by the dance routines, the beautiful costumes and props which were all so colourful. And it all came alive when Sebastian the Crab (yes, he’s a crab. not a lobster. haha!) started singing the classic – ‘Under the Sea’. Part of the song’s performance were treated to UV light, illuminating all the costumes, leaving Blake and Nakayla wide-eye mesmerized! They couldn’t stop going, “WOW!”

The couple’s dance between Ariel and Prince Eric was also one that Sean and I enjoyed the most. He mentioned that the lifts seem so effortless.

The one key moment that left us in complete awe was the air acrobatics – It was absolutely stunning!

Rapunzel from Tangled was next

One of my favourite scenes from the movie, and the show

And they lived happily ever after too…

Rapunzel from Tangled followed and the part where the lanterns were released into the skies… It was riveting!

Blake and Nakayla enjoyed the part where Rapunzel kept knocking Eugene out with the frying pan. It left them in laughing stitches!

I didn’t take any videos for the dance between Rapunzel and Eugene (the people sitting in front of us were very distracting, constantly getting up and moving around!) but Madeline from Mad Psych Mum managed to and it’s beautiful! You can watch the video here.

Beauty and the Beast marked the second half of the show

Beauty and the Beast was a marvelous start after the interval. Their performance of ‘Be Our Guest’ was filled with such fun and whimsical costumes!

While the children got a little scared when sudden loud noises came on to simulate lightning, they were thrilled to see a little magic happen right in front of them, when Beast became human again!

I enjoyed the couple’s dance between Belle and the Beast as well. They moved pretty flawlessly on the ice and had a few noteworthy lifts along the way.

And at long last… Frozen!

Conceal… Don’t Feel…

Love is an open door~

Just imagine how much cooler I’ll be in summer!

Let’s go bring back summer!

The cold never bothered me anyway…

Some people are worth melting for

The act of true love…

… will thaw a frozen heart!

The grand finale segment of Disney on Ice was the one segment Blake and Nakayla were waiting for! The moment Kristoff and Sven appeared, the crowd cheered. Nakayla basically screamed into my ear, “It’s Kristoff, mommy! KRISTOFF!”

The loudest cheers were obviously reserved for Queen of Arendelle, Elsa.

The expected songs from the movie played to much delight of the little ones, but I had hoped the trolls would make an appearance to sing a little bit of ‘Fixer Upper’ too so Kristoff can have more time in the spotlight! Ah well…

Oh, and the performer who played Anna on Coronation Day was an absolute delight to watch! She appeared so carefree and natural!

Overall, Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival was absolutely mesmerizing. While there were a couple of falls, the performers were quick to recover from it and continued to give it their all!

Some were so smooth in their transition from the fall that it was hardly noticeable – I only saw the minor misses after I reviewed the videos I took. I’m super impressed by their professionalism!

No, they didn’t fall. Haha!

For Blake and Nakayla, they were so happy they got to watch the show, and they haven’t been able to stop talking about their experience. Blake even drew Nakayla a Frozen castle like the one we saw in the show, and told Nakayla she’s Queen Elsa! Haha!

To the dear performers and entire crew of Disney on Ice, if you’re reading this, I just want to let all of you know that you guys did an amazing job! You have put up a wonderful show that wowed everyone in the stadium – from the young to the young at heart!

Ending this post with a video of highlights from what I caught on camera:

* * *

Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival will run throughout the March holidays (11 March to 20 March 2016) and tickets are still available for purchase on Sports Hub Tix.

Now, we can’t wait for next year’s Disney on Ice!

Disclaimer: While the tickets were provided for the purposes of this family review of the show, this review was provided on a voluntary basis, no compensation was received.

    1. Yes, we noticed that! Quite difficult to miss. The moment the Coronation Anna appeared, Sean and I were looking at each other and went, “Two Annas?!” Hahahahaha! And I think the Coronation Anna was skating a lot more carefree than the snowy mountain Anna. She looked so relaxed and all… SO NICE!

  1. Nice photos! Why you never include some photos of the opening so that I can see what I missed? LOL!!! Okay, I need to be more hardworking and go edit my photos…

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