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Ladies of Leisure April Wrap up

May 6, 2016

O. M. G.

I never expected us to really follow through with filming episode after episode for Ladies of Leisure (L.O.L), putting out one video every Friday! And look where we are now! One month on and releasing our 6th video!

For this, I must really thank my partner in crime, Ah Soh, for being so motivated and for pushing me to do what we’ve always said we’ll do.

Irene is obviously the more natural one onscreen, and undeniably the star of L.O.L. I’ve got tons to learn from her! But I think I’m more comfortable being ‘crew’ than ‘cast’. Haha. So can you all please persuade our dear Ah Soh to be the main star so I can just be camera woman/video editor? Hehe.

And with that, here’s a wrap up of our videos released in April, with the first May episode at the very end!


And now that we have the momentum going, with two segments (Makan Trail and DIY) currently, we’re hoping to expand further to bring L.O.L to new heights!

Would you like to see a new segment, maybe one where we go around trying new things like Chinese painting or wushu classes or anything alike for the very first time? If yes, and you have some suggestions (or you have the connections!) on what we should try (be it food, DIY or something new), do let us know!

In the mean time, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, please? Pretty, pretty please? Hehe.

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