Skechers: Shopping at ION Orchard

May 9, 2016
Service Review

It’s no secret that our family loves Skechers.

From the very first pair we bought many years ago to this very day, our love for Skechers only grew year on year. One of the main reason is because they are continuously upgrading and revamping themselves – be it in terms of technology or design.

One of their newest stores to open is located at ION Orchard, and we took a family trip down to try on some new Skechers for our upcoming Cold Storage Kids Run.

The children really enjoyed the time spent in the store. Not only is the place spacious, the interior design of the store gave off a really warm and inviting vibe.

It helps that their staff are really friendly and helpful too. Not just to me, in case you’re thinking cos you are an invited guest!

I saw that every single person that walked into their store that day being attended to, and not in the creepy pushy way. They knew how to approach to assist and gave time and space for every customer to browse through their products.

Personally, I liked the amount of space given to area in front of the mirror. I can see my entire self with my shoes on without feeling like I’m cramping my neck!

After selecting our shoes, the children got a treat!

The staff gave Blake and Nakayla a special coin each so that they can have a go at the capsule station they have within the store. This coin is given to every child who had just gotten their new shoes from Skechers. Needless to say, the children were overjoyed with their new toy!

Onwards to the next family run!

* * *

Skechers at ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

Opens daily from 10 am to 10pm

Tel: 6509 6949

Disclaimer: While we were invited to visit Skechers at ION Orchard for the purpose of picking out and trying on our new shoes, this review was provided on a voluntary basis, and no compensation was received.

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