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June 6, 2016
Product Review

We aren’t exactly the wanderlust kind of family as my idea of a holiday cannot involve diapers, milk powder, and worrying about carrying one child after another because they are too tired and want to sleep. I can experience all that right here in Singapore. Haha!

When it comes to traveling, I want absolute freedom and mobility. I don’t want to be restricted to doing only certain things because of minimum height or age. As such, we have not gone on an overseas trip as a family.

Yet, Sean and I both know the importance of learning about the world, and becoming a global citizen of some sort. Fortunately for us, with current technology, we’re able to provide the children with exposure to the world outside of Singapore without having to leave the country.

And adding to our growing collection of knowledge is Little Passports.

Blake and Nakayla both received their very first parcel, an introductory kit, from Little Passports about two months back – World Edition for Blake and Early Explorers for Nakayla. I was impressed by the amount of effort that went into the packaging.

I love that the first order of business was to provide the children with their own luggage, passports, and map of the world (map of continents for Early Explorers and the complete world map for World Edition). To me, it was like prepping them for the adventure that’s to come.

The following month, the children received smaller packages, sent by their friends – Sofia and Sam (World Edition) / Mia, Max and Toby (Early Explorers).

World Edition – Brazil

Early Explorers – Landmarks

The packages that follow after the introductory kit are theme-based and usually contain a letter, photo, activities, and little gifts for the children, among others.

This particular activity from Early Explorers – Landmarks was a hit with the children and they enjoyed finding the landmarks and matching them with their respective figures that were included in the kit.

Blake wasn’t too keen on his World Edition kit as it was less colourful and interactive compared to Nakayla’s Early Explorers kit. I guess he’s not yet at the stage where certain things appear too kiddy for him. Phew! It’s a relief to me, honestly. Hehe!

All’s not lost though. Blake managed to get in on the adventure when Nakayla shared her kit with Blake, and soon, they were exploring the various landmarks around the world together!

While the children were busy with their exploration, Sean and I went on to find out more about Brazil – the adventure Blake abandoned – by completing the activity of unscrambling the names of countries that shared a border with Brazil. It’s quite fun, even for us adults!

Seeing how much fun the children are having with the Early Explorer kits, and us adults are armed with possibly new knowledge from the World Edition kits, I’ll say our current no-travel family policy won’t leave the children feeling like some kind of country pumpkin. Hehe!

* * *

The good folks over at Little Passports want to spread the love for adventure with my readers! I have one 3-months subscription up for grabs and it can be yours if you follow the instructions in the widget below carefully. Good luck!

Little Passports Giveaway

For information on how you can subscribe to Little Passports, do visit their website here.

Disclaimer: While we received the kits from Little Passports for the purposes of this review, this review was provided on a voluntary basis, and no compensation was received.

  1. Wander around in a foreign place without any electronic gadgets. Back to the good old map (hard copy) for directions

    1. Yikes! I don’t think I can ever return to using the old school hard copy map, even though I’m trained to do so (Geography was my core subject)! Haha! You’re very brave!

  2. Adventure with Kids: going to the Singapore Discovery Centre to learn about ammunition and play shooting game!

    Adventure without kids: go trekking or backpacking overseas

    1. What fun ideas for the children! I should make a trip down with them to Singapore Discovery Centre someday too!

      I’m actually waiting for the kids to be older so that we can go trekking and backpacking together as a family. Haha! Great minds think (somewhat) alike!

  3. We love our first caravan experience at New Zealand with our 2 year old boy! It’s really cold in the middle of the night at Mt Cook during the winter season and our heater in the van was out of gas! I’m great we manage to keep ourselves warm using all the blanket that we had. Its a adventure and we hope to have a chance to have a virtual tour again using Little Passport~

    1. What an amazing experience! I remember my trip to NZ with my mom, siblings and relatives. We were stuck, had no electricity or water for days and we couldn’t do much (goodbye glacier exploration, horse riding and bungee jumping *sob*) due to the worst flood to ever hit Queenstown! That was one heck of an adventure for us too! Though my mom says, “This was how I grew up.” Haha!

  4. Love this! This is something we’ve been meaning to get for ages and somehow never got ’round to doing it! Such a fun way for kids to learn about other countries.
    Check out One World Together by Catherine/Laurence Anholt – it’s a wonderful book about kids around the world.

  5. We love to travel! Both kiddos started as young as 3 to 4 months old. When they were younger, we mostly chose resorts so we were always close to the room yet were able to enjoy the resort facilities, and we planned our schedules around their nap times. So there’s still a limitation as to how much we can travel as a family…the explorer kits seem like an ideal adventure for us to learn more about places around the world, as a family!
    The Early Explorer kits will be a fun journey for our 2 and 7 year old to explore, while hubs and I would love to dig into the World Edition kit!

    1. That’s the thing about traveling with the younger ones… There’s no complete freedom! Everything has to be planned or packed according to their needs. A very selfish mama over here. Haha!

  6. My ideal adventure trip will be a trip to Langkawi with the kids away from their electronic gadgets and just enjoying the scenic and stressless environment. Lots of water activities and local programmes to keep them occcupied. Do some trekking around with a experienced guide to bring us to explore and enjoy.

    1. Wow! That sounds like a pretty awesome outdoor adventure to have with the children! I hope you’ll be able to go on your ideal adventure trip with your children soon!

  7. My ideal adventure is doing the Silk Road route. It has been my dream trip since I was in my 20s, and still is my dream trip. I think it will be such an eye-opening adventure from Beijing all the way to the edge of the Mediterranean Sea – for both adults and children.

    1. Gosh! You’re very brave to want to go on the Silk Road! And it’s been your dream trip since your 20s! Hint hint to your husband, Robert… If he’s reading this. Haha! I hope you’ll be able to go on this adventure with your family soon!

  8. It would be my dream adventure to go trekking in Nepal with my family, far away from the maddening crowd, just enjoying God’s wondrous creation.

  9. With kid–> Going on a long overseas trip at the end of this year for the first time! We will be leaving our footprints at a few national parks in Australia. Wish us luck!
    Without kid–>Tandem skydiving!Woo hoo!

    1. Haha! Good luck on your first overseas trip! You’ll have tons of fun as a family, I’m sure! Enjoy, enjoy!

      Eh… Australia can do tandem skydiving, I think. Sneak out one day to go do it! That’ll be one heck of an amazing experience!

  10. As a family, we had so much fun roadtripping along the Pacific coast of Australia! So amazing to see how the vegetation, types of houses change, as we drive from Sydney to Brisbane!

    1. Wow! Road trips are usually uncommon with younger children on board, but you sure sound like you had a lot of fun as a family! Awesome!

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