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Blake is 6!

September 9, 2016

The last preschool year for Blake has finally arrived. Where did all the time go!?

This is also last time we would hold a big party to celebrate Blake’s birthday i.e. booking the multi-purpose hall, ordering buffet, prepping goodie bags, decorating the place and inviting all my family and friends… Despite that fact, Blake’s birthday celebration is a lot simpler this year.

I didn’t even hire an official photographer this year cos our beloved photographer, Nadia, had decided to hang up her camera for good. Sigh.

Thankfully for me, Lin Ying came to the rescue and helped me take some photos! Yay! Thank you!

And now… The onslaught of photos will commence. Haha!

Can you guess the theme?

Really love the re-labeling of the bottles for every party!

Pro-tip: Keep the cost low by buying an off-the-shelf cake your child likes,
and print + cut out your own cake toppers!
Works especially well when you can’t find the cake toppers you need.

Introduced some old-school vibe with this paper ball. Hehe!

Natasha with her boy, beautiful moment captured by Lin Ying!

Summer‘s baby girl, another wonderful shot by Lin Ying!

One more awesome photo by Lin Ying of her boy with Nakayla

And it’s time to cut the cake! Yay!

Friends who have been around since the secondary school days!
First guests to arrive this year too. The lure of Pokémon is strong. Haha!

One last look at the cake

Cut, cut, cut!

The family who made it down to celebrate with us!

Blake got Sean to return home to grab his Bulbasaur
because he wanted to show it to everyone. Haha!

It was a simple affair, and I’m glad everyone had fun catching up and playing with one another – be it to catch Pokémon, spin Pokéstops or running around in the big open space we have within and around the multi-purpose hall, playing with bubbles, skate scooters and paper balls!

Thank you, to everyone who made time to come down for a simple lunch and celebrate Blake’s birthday!

And to all, even those who couldn’t make it but sent their well-wishes and blessings, thank you for your gifts and contribution to Blake’s education fund!

Blake is officially 6!


    1. Yes! I love how we can all just gather around to chit chat too! And the children are actually pretty good with entertaining themselves. Just hand them a bottle of bubbles each or a ball and they’ll all just start playing together! Thank you for your birthday wishes!

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