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Pokémon Go, We Go

October 6, 2016

Sean and I have been playing Pokémon games for many years now. He started with Pokémon Yellow, while I started with FireRed after meeting him. We have played numerous versions, collected multiple figures and all of the cartoons and movies we can find/afford since.

The world of Pokémon is just so fascinating! It’s a place where even the bad guys are given a glimmer of hope to become good, where passion and perseverance is what it takes to be the very best, and best of all, the main takeaway for me – friendship.

Before Pokémon Go reached Singapore, I once swore that I wouldn’t play because I was worried about how much data I would end up using. Turns out, browsing the web on mobile, scrolling and posting on Instagram took up way more data than me playing Pokémon Go. Haha!

And over the past two months, the nature of our weekends have altered.

We no longer roam from shopping mall to shopping mall. We visited more outdoor areas and explored places we didn’t even know existed in Singapore (e.g. Woodlands Waterfront Park). We became even more adventurous than before.

We have also walked so much over the many weekends that the children have grown accustom to walking long distances.

They have learnt how to keep their eyes on the prize – Hello, Chansy! I’m looking at you, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. You too, Aerodactyl and Porygon! – and pace themselves (i.e. letting us know when they need a rest and need a drink or an ice cream) so that at the end of the day, they still have the energy to play at the various playgrounds we come across on our Pokémon journey. Haha!

We started with nearby parks and reservoirs…

Then we ventured further…

Where the children climbed up the breakwaters for the first time
and learnt some basic Geography from us…

And even further…

A photo posted by mabel (@msmabes) on

We brought them to see the city’s skyline at night too!

We have gone North, South, East but not quite the West so far, but we’re slowly exploring more and more places together as a family. And I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of swings there are around Singapore!

Though it doesn’t help that no matter which playground we go to, the swings are always the highly coveted ones. There is never enough! We need more swings in Singapore! MORE! Haha!

Whilst I’ve yet to complete my Pokédex, mostly due to my refusal to evolve some of the Pokémons, I’m also not in a hurry to do so. We’re pretty picky with what we want to evolve – Max IV Pokémon, where are you?! – so that will take a while to achieve.

Honestly, I feel like Sean and I are back to our dating days. Except now, we have two little ones to partner up with – double the fun. Yay!

  1. Hahha I see the pictures of your ventures going further n further. I wonder if you’ll take a boat out the next time to pulau Ubin! Why not right? There’s Pokémon there u think?

    1. Doubt we’ll visit Pulau Ubin for Pokémon. We haven’t heard of Pokémon sightings there. Haha. We’ll go there when the children are older so we can cycle all over for sure!

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